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Sep 7, 2011
In my store almost everyone is quite young. 18 to about 24 year olds. Its a bit crazy. I never worked at a job with this many young people. Even the team leads, gsa , etls,. I work in the backroom and the youngest member is 19 with the oldest being 23!!! All run by us. Our team lead usually just cleans the back room because theres so much push its ridiculous! The etls usually make us push all the crap but really the floor people should be the ones doing it!!! Anyway whats the age group in your store?
my store:
16-24 for TMS
20-30 for TLs

pretty common for retail methinks :)
We actually have a fair number of older folks at our store (by that I mean people like me).
That makes the ETL's (many of whom are close to half our age) lack of respect for TM's a bit difficult to take.
When I worked at Target the youngest I think was 16 and the oldest had to be in her 70s and she was on the flow team.
We have a wide range of ages young and old. It goes from 16-55. The 55 year old isn't a TL but still I like the wide range of ages.
Ours is a wide range in ages as well. We only have one minor working at the moment. I think she is 17. The oldest being a flow TM & she is 85! Can't believe she still hasn't retired yet.
It varies at our store. In the morning and mids are usually the older people. The night zoners are all young. Our flow team is mixed. Our team leads are around 30-45.
Our overnight team is very young for the most part. Back when the team was awesome and came clean all the time years ago the team was much older. Kids or shall I say young adults because you have to be at least 18 to work overnight all seem to be lazy and rather come to party and get upset when they cant do non brand things while at work.... I feel old saying it because Im not even 30 but all I see is this line of work for them for the rest of their lives if they dont change their attitudes on work.
Etls and STL at my current store and the one across town are all under 30. TLs are all 30-65. Two of those will be retiring before the holidays.The rest of the team is 18-70. We have a couple of older morning cashiers that are great. Generally we don't hire any minors unless they knock our socks off.
So far I've found minors to be some of the best cashiers. They have fast speed scores, and for downtime tasks they are usually very quick (zone/abandons/etc.)
We have TMs of all ages at my store. TLs and ETLs are mostly in their 20s and 30s.

Some of our minors say omg! I had have to do something?

Our minors like to do everything except cashing (collecting reshop/hangers/baskets) and they complain if they're not on express.
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