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Jun 25, 2011
I've heard that SuperT's pay $1 more an hour than regular or P-Fresh stores. Anyone know if this is true?

The only thing I could speak to is the shift differential for stores with overnight (mostly SuperT's) or 4 am processes. That is a dollar more for those team members who work those shifts. Could that be what you are thinking of?
Shift differential in my area is an extra $1/hr. applied as "SHF 1.00 Premium" on the paycheck. I'm talking about SuperT's base pay being +$1/hr. Thanks for your reply though SrTLRep! :)
I have worked at a SuperT for almost 5 years now and we did not get an extra $1 an hour. We started out at whatever minimum wage was at that time. I don't think it's changed since then. If it has, can I have my extra $1 an hr now? Please???:D
Definitely not the case at our store. Flow B/R start at 9.00 and everyone else starts at minimum wage which is 8.00
Minimum wage where I'm at is 7.25, my SuperT starts at 8.00; only .25 more than the GM I started at.
I think the OP wanted to know if moving to a Super-T would automatically net you an extra $1/hr. It does not. Only the instances cited above & those are generally the same regardless whether you're a super, geo, metro or Pfresh.
In my area all of the targets that are regular or p-fresh start at $7.50. The SuperT in my area starts at $8.50. This means that paygrade N03 for said targets are $7.50 (regular/p-fresh) and $8.50 (SuperT). Just wanted to know if anyone else had encountered this.

Once again, not talking about shift differential, which is an extra $1/hr. reported on your paycheck as "SHF premium" if you clock in before 5:35 AM. Thank you all.
All payroll related questions are best answered by your HR representative. Pay can vary from one store to another, from one state to another, from one part of the county to another. These things are most appropriately explained by your HR department as it pertains to what pay rates are used at stores in your state, county, city, neighborhood for each position, department, pay grade, etc. There are many variables that only your HR can explain.
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