Any new bonus rumors?

Dec 1, 2016
90% is not impressive. I almost got termed during my 90 days because my six week average was only a 95%. Its enough that as an OM I'm not going to coach you. But that's because there's too many people well below that.

So yes its easier. There's too many TMs to effectively manage anymore. Back in the day you had maybe 10% of your team underperforming but you had 30 people on a team. I have almost 200 direct reports I can barely make the rounds to say hi anymore.

Yep, it is crazy now. So many people regularly run 30-40% if you just put in a halfass effort youre pretty safe. And not trying to bring up sexism again but the women especially are almost never disciplined or asked to do much in the way of work.

I used to care about my numbers but I've turned a new leaf and just make sure to scan decently regularly (even that is probably optional truth be told! I bet a lot of people run horrendous constant hour+ scan gaps with no consequences). It's made CA a lot more tolerable for me mentally for some reason. I would think it would make it even more boring but it hasnt. Now instead of always thinking about picking faster to get to that good aisle and somehow stressing, I just chill and try to figure out ways to break up the monotony as much as possible (IE, going and dropping the cart directly at the staging lanes=10-15 mins burned through, plan a bathroom break, etc etc. break up enough hrs this way and the day is a lot more tolerable).

Another factor is at least for us labels are usually horrible density since they seem to print every day rather than auto-combining anything. Being under 100 is no big deal when most days only a couple pickers out of 20 may be over 100. I forsaw this coming, target likes to raise the numbers to astronomical heights, then it reaches a point where noone can make the numbers so 100% becomes completely meaningless. 100% has to be achievable consistently for it to mean anything, but target never understands that they just more more more while ironically making our jobs much HARDER all the time with new BS safety regulations that just slow us down and make things less safe oftentimes. Well, now everybody picks 50% target. Enjoy. Target likes to put on new safety regs but notice they never correspondingly drop prod. Each time they add a new PITA regulation, they should drop prod 10% or something. Then they would understand it's coming out of their ass. what they want is for it to come out of our ass. They want us to kill ourselves working faster faster faster to make up for these regulations (no backing up in aisles, dropping all the way down to pass others, all that stuff) but I got news for them. As they seeing every day it does not work that way. Noone is against safety but in so many cases the safety decrees clearly just come from some office chair jockey jabroni at HQ who has never worked a day in his life. He just want to look good "ooh, look what new safety thing I passed arent you proud bosses?". But then we have to deal with it. Well as I said, Target will learn they are the only ones who's hide it comes out of at the end of the day. If worst comes to worst I'll run 30% and document every single time I have a scan gap for a by the book safety regulation everybody looks the other way on, but TECHNICALLY we could get wrote up for. Granted as discussed it'll never get to that point.

I also notice with the advent of LWW's that are usually longtime employees, I barely talk to the OM anymore in many cases who is probably a new person anyway. There is so many people now they cant personally deal with everybody. Neither here nor their just something I noticed. As an antikiss butt I prefer talking to OM's as little as possible typically, so it's fine with me. The kissbutts will always beat a path to the office LOL.

Back to the topic, I'm kinda surprised we never did get another bonus. Shrug.
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