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Jan 23, 2012
I have been with target for 5 years now and it has been a long 5 years. I've had multiple opportunities that I have been screwed over on. Many team lead positions were dangled I front of my face and I would be asked if I was interested in them but then at the last minute they would say oh actually we decided to bring someone in from the outside and then they would ask me to train them.... Finally after 3 years I got promoted to TL then had a SrTL spot dangled in front of me and last minute they repeated what had done before. Recently they did that again because "it was just his time and even if we interviewed you we would of given it to him." This week they finally moved me to a different TL position in my store then opened the new VML which is treated the same as a Sr but without the Lod shifts and they decided to mention it right after I agreeded to take the new spot and asked a TL, who they recently said would never do more because they aren't excelling in their current position, to be VML. Now this TL is going to be a higher pay grade and make more than myself? How does that work?
I've had TL dangled in front of me a couple times before. Both times it has been when payroll is sparse, morale is down, we're one GSA short... basically they dangle the carrot to A) get me to do the workload of a mutant super GSA and B) make sure I don't quit. I've done mock interviews and all of that shit.

Then (when the rest of the store is doing A-OK again) they tell me the front-end's REDcard numbers are too low for me to even be considered for TL at this time.
I don't hate it but I think I'm getting burned out on it. My development has gone no where lately, I've gotten almost zero recognition, and I'm depressed as ever about the low pay. I'm beginning to just not care anymore. The only bright side is the hours are decent (been getting 36-40 hours a week for a long time now).

My expenses are about to skyrocket (having to start paying for an apartment soon + a car) and I'm worried like heck how I'll be able to afford it, especially once the holidays are over.
I don't hate it but I think I'm getting burned out on it. My development has gone no where lately, I've gotten almost zero recognition, and I'm depressed as ever about the low pay. I'm beginning to just not care anymore. The only bright side is the hours are decent (been getting 36-40 hours a week for a long time now).

My expenses are about to skyrocket (having to start paying for an apartment soon + a car) and I'm worried like heck how I'll be able to afford it, especially once the holidays are over.
I'm sorry if you consider it rude to ask, but how much do you make per hour?
I'm so tired of people bitching about their jobs. It's so played out. Usually when someone complains about their job, they leave out key bits of information that make them at fault for being in a shitty situation. Or, they take minuscule occurrences, and turn them into personal attacks on themselves. There's a lot of ego that goes into the concept of "this job sucks because it's not exactly how I like it!"

Example, one of our Food Avenue ladies is constantly complaining about never having enough time to finish her work. Yet she'll stand around and talk to people about it for 15 minutes at a time, multiple times throughout the night. Maybe if she'd shut up and work, she'd get her stuff done. A lot of the younger people do this shit too. Except usually the young ones don't know how to articulate why they "hate" their job. The fact that they just have to be there doing stuff seems to be why they hate it. Absurd.

In your case, yeah, it sucks. You're not excelling at the rate you want. Yet you're obviously someone they actually consider. Whatever reason they eventually choose not to, is just unfortunate. Maybe they find someone more qualified. Maybe they find someone whom plays to the politics better. It sucks, but its how it is. It's not like they're dropping you from TL to Janitor because they just don't like you. You've made it to TL in 5 years, and you "hate" your job? Are you serious? Have you ever considered that the reason you think other people are less qualified, is because you already decided you "deserve" that position, thus anyone else is just a bad choice? Are you seriously claiming that you're the perfect employee? There's no possible way anyone else could also be as qualified as you are?

I can safely say I "hated" my old job. This was because I was "promoted" to a certain position within the store. However, when the company fell on rough economic times, and they laid off/ demoted a bunch of people, they demoted me even though I had been in that position for 2 years longer than another girl that was back there. Yet because that was never officially filed, (or at least they claimed it wasn't) I was the one that got the boot. And they didn't have any reason for me either other than that's just what the bakery manager wanted. My work was good though. I did everything correctly, wasn't a slacker, or even much of a talker really. But, this manager disliked me for various reasons. We had got into it a few times because I called her unprofessional when she brought back a coworkers doctor note, ranting about being pissed this girl wasn't going to work a holiday despite being sick. She shared extremely private medical information, and then gossiped about how she thought it must be a fake note. Granted, where I was wrong, was running my mouth to the manager about how unprofessional she was. It should have been brought up in private to the Store Supervisor. ANYWAY, I went from 40hours a week at $9.50 an hour, to 16 hours at $8 an hour. Needless to say, I quit shortly after when they refused to work around my schedule for a second job.
I dont hate my job, i just strongly dislike my STL. He is absolutely horrible, and I feel like once he leaves (hopefully soon!) things will get better again.
I wouldnt say I am happy at target. I will say I am using Target to my benefit. As the only PA at my store (with no plans to get anymore), I get full time hours. I have received full time hours since I became a PA in February of 2012. Since that time, I have been going to school at a 4 year college part time.

I am 6 years in and I make enough that doesnt screw me financially. As for any potential TL positions at my store, I could have applied to many positions. I chose not too. The reason is with school, I wont have the availability they want. Plus I dont want to deal the crap TLs deal with
I'm not with Spot anymore so this doesn't apply in that way but I'm fortunate and really love my job.
Yes, it has some real challenges but I get to help people with disabilities get employment or stay employed.
I have a union to back me up when it comes time to negotiate wages.
I have full ride health benefits.
A boss who will fight tooth and for me, (and did), who will come over and sit down to ask me how I'm feeling and mean it.
Coworkers I like and who will back me up when I need it.
This is the perfect job for me.
My wife was in the same field for 8 years. She just started teaching. It's a rough school, but she's hanging in there.
I'm getting very burnt out. Between wildly oscillating hours and always closing in the deli, I'm yearning for a 9-5 job with consistent hours and good pay.
I enjoy my job, when I can actually get everything done and I have the help I need. Until we get more hours and more people, I'm just not going to be happy with my job. :/
I'm sorry if you consider it rude to ask, but how much do you make per hour?

$9.59/hour. Started @ 7.75 as seasonal sales floor last year, got bumped to $8 when I got picked up to be a permanent TM, got the $9 bump + $.50 backroom increase + 9 cent raise.

Don't get me wrong, making an extra $3,600 a year is nice but the pay is still low and hardly much to live on.
The first ten years were great because Target was a place I liked working for, was proud to work for & I liked myself when I worked there.
Then things changed & steadily went downhill.
After awhile I became more & more disappointed in policy changes, policies that were flat-out ignored, diminishing compensation, the attitude that we should be grateful for what we have (whether we ever had it or not). It began to impact my image of what we were there for &, like Brewhaha, it came down to using Target for my benefit only - paycheck & healthcare coverage.
Eventually, even that wasn't enough so I left.
I don't have an answer for what you posted. It's hard to say why the decisions were made in your situations, and i would wonder if a straight forward answer could be given to you were you to ask about this most recent one, stating you are interested in the position that was withheld.

As far as the question in the subject heading, no. I can say I do not hate my job. Of course there are some things I would change in a perfect world, but nothing worth dwelling on. I can easily say that by far Target has been the employer I have worked for, having worked for a handful of retailers. I hear people complain about the company and can only think that the complaints at Target in comparison to what I've experienced or at least witnessed elsewhere are rather mild.

That said, unrelated to Target specifically as this can happen anywhere, I am amazed at what members of Leadership do and get away with in the treatment of others. This is all on the individual, and again, these people are everywhere in every work environment.
In the course of four years, I have gone from "meh" to loving my job, to hating it, and now, I am indifferent, because, during my period of hatred, I realized that life is too short to spend 40 hours of your week doing something you hate. Retail has an insidious way of making you feel like you aren't capable of doing anything else, but you are. If you hate it, don't continue to suffer just because it's comfortable for you. Start looking.
A big part of this is the state of the company. It is hard to enjoy a job when you feel like things are about drop out from under you at any second. It is not easy to enjoy working when you have seen hours cut, leadership positioned slashed, corporate cut, Target Canada killed off and now the Pharmacy as well. Target was bad when I left I can not imagine how bad it has become. Every AE you have wonder will you still be around? Evert time Target can not figure out how to do the basics of running a department store you have to wonder if your job will be farmed out to another company. I know it is not easy and likely to keep getting worse. If you can get out, do so. Even if you have to wait a year to do so. Come up with your exit plane and get out.
I actually like my job. For the most part, I'm left alone. The pay isn't bad for the skill set required. I get 35-40 hours a week. My ETL is nice.

The things I don't like:
  • The ETL's who fake sincerity. You don't have to be overly kind. This is a job.
  • Having to work with lackadaisical co-workers who have no sense of pride in their work.
  • Working under/with TL's who micro manage. Micro managing is worse than no management, in my mind.
  • Having to work with people who talk a lot. I don't care about your personal life. I set goals, and your stories of how your kid broke his arm are going to cause me to miss them. I'll break his other arm if you continue.
  • The rude guests
All in all, though, all jobs will give you something to hate. I work on the computer a lot. I love it. I'm alone, content being the solitary animal I am, but I need to find a balance to help me socialize to a minimum. Target provides me that.

Also, the 401K isn't bad.
I've been with Spot for about two years and I still love it to be honest, no matter how annoyed guests and coworkers can get me sometimes. That will probably change with more time, but I hope not anytime soon.
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Started hating it this past week for sure. Probably going to start finding work elsewhere honestly, I don't feel like any of the complaints I and other TMs are telling our ETLs/LoDs are going anywhere. When asked for short term solutions or fixes (IE we have people who don't know shit about GS train people for GS and then treat them badly) we get some speal about a long term plan about hiring more people. Not to mention for a store hurting for coverage they sure aren't giving many of us hours despite payroll going back up.

It's frustrating and the team I felt I joined last year feels more like a shouting match or a schlong measuring contest between the LoDs.
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