Archived Anyone have a Weights and Measure's visit?

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Aug 30, 2011
Has anyone ever had a weights and measures visit? Just curious..... I feel like my store will be having one soon and I am having anxiety.:wacko:
We've had one before. How have your Steritech visits gone? If you've been green on those then I wouldn't worry. They may not encompass the same things, but from what I've seen, a store that manages solid green visits from Steritech with no criticals is most likely keeping up with the other aspects of the store.
My state is a big weights and measures store....we usually get a visit 5-6 times a year. I've been finding a lot of errors on my own with incorrect units of measure on the labels which I end up MySupporting and sending up to my group pricing and compliance business partner, so luckily my store has avoided some violations the past couple of visits.
I worked for Wally World in Massachusetts years ago, and in the 3 years I was there, we had exactly one visit......while I was on lunch and in the middle of redoing about 15 displays at once.......the only thing he could find wrong was that the Frito-lay vendor had the wrong price on the dip........Mass is one of those states which requires unit pricing on the labels, and price tags on the consumable product......took us 5 times as long as it does without having to do it....
Yes, we got dinged on the units of measure. You have to be careful with those.

I've found some questionable unit of measures in the past, but for the most part Corporate is responsible for those right?
As long as pricing and presentation have been doing a good job, you should not have any problems.
Yeah corporate is the one who sends the units of measure on the label strips. Sometimes there's mistakes. In my 2 years as patl i only had 1 visit.
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