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Jun 16, 2011
I'm home for the holiday weekend and I was going through some of my papers and came across a letter that was sent to my home last year when i still worked for Target.This ETL was amazing, and ended their 10 yr career with target a month after this was sent after our store went through some serious "for the worse" changes..
Does anyone here have some amazing TM/TL/ETL that does a little extra to make your day a little better?
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As much as i hated working there, there were a few key people at my store that made it fun to come to work. (every last one of them moved on around the same time i moved on)
You did a great job for spot. Sometimes, "silent" ones do speak out. It appears you had support from folks that were unknown. My etl-hr does same thing. But she does let you know she cares about you. I love her like my etl-ge, he does the same thing.
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Yea, I did. Unfortunately she has since moved on. I have two cards like that one and they are worth a thousand GTCs.
When I was helping out another store over the summer, my old ETL-GE was there. I was helping him out for the week working on projects, and at the end of the week he shook my hand and said thanks. In my 3 years of Target, that was the first time anyone had looked me in the eye and said that.
I had an awesome ETL-HR who really wanted to bring me back when I asked to rescind my notice but there were no openings. She would tell me I was doing a great job as a team trainer. It's really too bad I chickened out on the phone call I was going to make to her the night after my last shift. She was also the only ETL-HR who worked a schedule that allowed her to be available to our overnight team on a regular basis and we had regular chat sessions while she was there. She transferred to another Target shortly after I left.
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