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Dec 1, 2011
I was recently hired in instocks, though because of the holidays, rather than be thoroughly trained I'm mostly learning about damage control. We haven't completed a day's worth of rigs, research, and outs since I started earlier this week. This is because different tls are constantly needing extra help. Would anyone be willing to get with me through pm and answer a few specific questions?
After seasonal instocks "usually" picks back up. We typically scan certain sections now or end caps only. Once seasonal blows over, you and someone else should be scanning the entire store before 11. Also if backrooms and flow are doing everything correctly, instocks should be a breeze!
There is an extensive instocks section in the Guides. It is in the Logistics area (although Instocks is, for some weird reason, classified as Salesfloor).
Man, my store did a LOT better than your stores have done (and better than we did last year). We're accomplishing more now than we did three months ago. I just can't imagine not finishing RIGs.

Anyways, I'm the instocks expert at my ULV store, so ask away! : )
Not open for further replies.