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Are GSAs held up to the same expectations as GSTLs at your store?

Discussion in 'Leadership' started by Bullseyerc, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Notice I wasnt saying a p fresh should make less. I am just saying a GSA holds that vital of a role in the store. They are leading a pretty big team themselves and make huge decisions when it comes to guest issues.
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  2. Because the guest most likely is gonna complain about the lack of bananas to the GSA rather than the PA. As a GS TM, I hear complaints about how "you're out of ___" and "when will you get more ____" all the time. If a guest is gonna get pissy, 9/10 it's not gonna be the people in grocery that have to deal with it and "make it right" for the guest.
  3. SilentCrow

    SilentCrow SrTL Logistics Flow

    GSAs is essentially GSTLs in our store. Criminally underpaid! Actually the cashiers go to the GSAs more than the GSTLs in my store because some GSTLS are lazy and leave the work to the GSAs. GSTLs disappear to do "paperwork" while the GSAs deal with all the headaches. It's a position that needs to be revaluated.
  4. GSTLs are basically GSAs. We had 4 GSTLs at my old store, and they were the 4 worst leads in the building. Absolutely worthless. GSAs did just as good a job as them. I think GSTL is a leadership position that needs to go. It's a waste of money.
  5. Plus they know nothing about the world outside their little microcosm at the front end. It says a lot when basically any team lead in the building can cover a GSTL, but a GSTL can't cover for any other team lead in the building lmao.
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  6. glo

    glo Food TL

    That seems to be the story with any TL promoted straight to GSTL. The GSTLs I've seen that have been solid have all been existing TLs that move areas.
  7. While I agree that GSAs should be paid more than they are paid, the GSTL has greater responsibilities and more tasks. There's a big difference in leading a team as a GSTL and watching the front end as a GSA. Maybe my stores were different, but I had so much more to do as GSTL than speed weave and talk to guests. The GSTL has to answer to the ETL or STL for performance. I had to do interviews for the front end, performance reviews, coaching, act as liason between the other work centers and front end. I was responsible for front end supplies, equipment maintenance, and scheduling. When new policies came up on Work Bench, it was the GSTL who had to implement them.

    And I always had to sound super excited about REDCards, even when no one else was. ;) That alone is worth the extra pay, right?

    Maybe this is another example of not judging unless you've run in my shoes.
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  8. Sanzano

    Sanzano GSTL

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  9. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    During my GSA tenure, I was expected to do everything the GSTL did except disciplinary actions & reviews.
    The GSTLs DID ask me questions about individual TMs during reviews because I knew the back story on everyone in the front end.
  10. SilentCrow

    SilentCrow SrTL Logistics Flow

    Everything except reviews the GSAs do in my store. Equipment, supplies, you name the task a GSA is doing it. I know for a fact my store isn't the only store that make GSA be unofficial GSTLs. Everything you said GSAs do. Down to coaching, they just have a GSTL type it up, but the GSAs do the coaching. Hell even the reviews the GSTLs consult with the GSAs. Every ETL goes to the GSA. The GSAs open and close.

    I've ran in your shoes until their the soles were gone and for less pay than what I deserved and I know my store isn't the only one guilty of this.
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  11. I worked at two stores - one was a top performer in the US. The other was tiny. I guess all stores are not the same.
  12. paidtosmile

    paidtosmile Former Team Leader

    In my experience (3 years as a GSA and 1.5 as a GSTL) I would say that a lot of the job duties and expectations are the same, but GSTL's are expected to work at a much higher thought level.

    There's also a lot more pressure involved with being a GSTL. as a GSA, you're mainly just responsible for the results of your individual shifts. It's short term. If my GSA has a horrible weekend for REDcards, I'm held equally (if not more) accountable for those awful results. Regardless of whether I was working those days or not.

    I always made sure to hold my GSA's accountable.. Although I only gave them about 15% of the wrath that my STL and DTL would give me (which, no denying, can still be quite a bit of wrath). I encouraged them to be good role models and demonstrators of what a successful team member looks like, so even when they weren't "watching lights" they were still expected to be professional and supportive.

    They certainly need to be paid more than .50 over the base pay, so I also fought incredibly hard every review season to get our GSA's good scores.

    @Hardlinesmaster brought up a great old thread filled with information and opinions on this. Not much has changed since then ;)
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  13. I am sad that nothing has really changed for gsa in 5 years:(
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  14. Cooliobum

    Cooliobum GSA, Bench Warmer

    what i was told by both my GSTLs when they knew i was gonna get GSA "you will be doing the same exact things as a TL, with a lot less paperwork and lower pay." so yeah, we are held very accountable for everything, but obviously can't coach, and some of very small things.
  15. OP

    Bullseyerc GSTL

    Well they did just make it on the same pay grade scale as a cashier.. yippie! >_>
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  16. Yup, GSAs are just like GSTLs in my store without the special computer/coaching permissions. Held to the same redcard standards. I just feel so shitty when redcards are down when everyone is trying so hard to get redcards but no one bites! Then leadership gets onto the GSTL's case, then GSTL gets onto GSA's case on low redcards.
  17. IIlllIIllIIIllIl

    IIlllIIllIIIllIl GSTL - Call me barcode

    We're pretty equal. My team relies solely on banter though. It's actually a decent atmosphere.
  18. When I became GSA my GSTL herself told me I will be doing the exact same things as her just without the paperwork, which is definitely true.
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  19. i lived a couple years as a gsa before gstl.

    first start.. far from gstl. i had a lot of cash office/cashier/service desk shifts. one or two gstl/gsa shifts. no responsibilities on the front end.

    eventually my gstl (etl was not long for target.. left after she was going to be fired) realized i knew my stuff and gave my ordering and service desk. i was doing great driving red cards during gstl shifts so that was all i got. eventually people just kept treating me like a tl where i kept having to remind hr/my etl i can't coach/interview.
  20. I think it depends on how your leadership within the store treats the position. The store I used to work at, as a GSA, treated me specifically as a GSTL. I was the one that covered all GSTL vacation, sick time, comp days, etc. and we had a former GSTL as one of our GSA's. But after we had turnover between ETL's and STL's the position was turned into more of a "Lead Cashier" and the same with GSTL. Most of the upper management at that store did not have confidence in the front end leadership team which has caused some uproar among them. But again, its all based on how your STL, ETL, and GSTL want the position to be seen by other team members. I was treated like a team leader, but that's because I had the support of my GSTL and ETL to be treated as such. The GSA's in my old store were treated as team leaders, but that store is also ULV.