1. X

    Just got Service & Engagement Team Lead Position.

    Beeen working at Target for a year and a half (no prior front of store training other than what I taught myself). My store director had a talk with me about the position and had me do a day of gstl duties to see if I liked it. I did really well and after interviews got the position! So my...
  2. S

    Guest Services GSTL/SETL tips and tricks?

    Howdy everyone! I’m newly in role and I’m looking for ways to implement some cool stuff into our store. For example, one of our GSAs printed and laminated copies of all food codes and stuck them to registers for quick references. Have you or any other leaders at your store implemented something...
  3. Snapeeee

    Applied for Service and Engagement TL

    Anything to know should I get the job? Would I be making my teams schedule?
  4. R

    New GSTL

    My Target has had a new GSTL for a couple months now and everyone on the Front End does not like them. Numerous people have made complaints about them to the ETL. I myself just made complaints about her behavior. But, nothing is getting happening about her, except talks with the ETL, and more...
  5. C

    i want to be a gstl help!

    okay so here’s my thing, i’m 18 and i’ve been at target for like a year as a cashier and i also know softlines and guest service. i know TONS of 18 year olds that think they’re all that and smart enough to handle tougher jobs but i really want to be gstl because i know my own abilities and how i...
  6. M

    New External Hire GSTL

    Hi everyone, I am about to finish my training to be the GSTL of a store that hasn't had a GSTL in about 9-10 months. With this being said my GSAs are great, and they were kind of leading the way and making sure that everything was getting done. But it has also caused some disorganization...
  7. G

    What is going to happen to GSTL's with the Modernization?

    What is going to happen to GSTL's with the Modernization? The book doesn't really cover what the actual tasks/roll of that position will actually be now.... Anyone completed this process and know how it's really going to work?
  8. Bullseyerc

    I asked one of my cashiers what they thought of my style compared to the other GSTLs and this is what I got..

    “You’re very hands on and more micromanaging You believe in accountability, performance management. Like I said you also tend to micromanage but I respect you because you know your job and how to perform your job very well. My other peer GSTLs I know aren’t as hands on and walk by a lot of the...
  9. GSTL2019

    GSTL Pay

    Just wondering if I’m getting ripped off. My pay is $18 as GSTL for a store that does $80-$150k. What about you?
  10. Bullseyerc

    Fellow GSTLs/SELs! Share your daily routines!

    What do you typically do when starting and ending your shifts? Are you usually by yourself or do you have another GSTL/GSA with you? Do you open, mid, or close the most? Are you on a set schedule? What is your pay? Curious to know :)
  11. H

    Confused by what GSTL is saying or trying to say

    So today, this one GSTL pulls me off the register and he explains that he doesn't want to have to come over and explain the same things whenever cashiers have questions and in terms of dealing with guests. He goes on to tell me that he wants us to be more confident when dealing with guests...
  12. G


    So I need help I’m newly hired been here for about a month. My GSA I trained yesterday in cash office did it this morning and I just went in to get an advance and there was no money in the safe what so ever. What do I do? There is no LOD, Ap here and the girl has left already. This is her 4th...
  13. G

    Newly Hired

    Hi; I’m a newly hired GSTL. Been with Spot for about a month and I here people saying you can use your MyDevice to get request from registers how does this work? Like which app and how would I use it. Normally cashiers just use there light because the Help button brings them to a white screen...
  14. G

    Any GSTL here?

    What does your day look like? Just wanna make sure I’m doing mine right.
  15. TargetRetailTX

    External New Hire! GSTL

    I know I might get some hate; but ehh worth posting. But I was offered a Electronics TM Seasonal position at $12.50; they later called the next day saying they wanted me to be a GSTL because of me being a store manager somewhere. And the pay was good so I did a 3rd interview with the STL. He...
  16. J

    I'm a new GSTL!

    I start in about a week as a GSTL. I would love any advice or tips!
  17. B

    New GSTL HELP!

    I'm new to Target, I was hired in as a Sr. GSTL. I am not having problems with my LOD shifts but when I was hired I was told GSTL is supposed to be at the front 90% of them time. I'm constantly told "this isn't your job but you have to do it" For example setting the end caps and putting out...
  18. Bullseyerc

    My cashiers and team members are coming to me complaining about my other peer GSTL.

    And it’s not just one or two.. it’s more than half of our front end team! I don’t want to get into too much details but I have witnessed some of these things first hand. She yells and snaps at cashiers. She loafs around and is buddy buddy with the STL (or tries to be). She talks shit about...
  19. N

    A GSA’s dilemma: don’t know which route to take

    A couple days ago I was approached by our new AP Leader about joining the AP team as a Security Expert. He said the Store Director threw my name in as someone who would be a great fit. It also sounds like something I would really enjoy and would come with a minimal pay raise. I told my S&E...
  20. Bullseyerc

    What makes a GSTL.. bad?

    I want to hear your opinions :)