Are they testing me? (Carton Air)

Mar 18, 2024
Hi everyone, new TM, hired as warehouse worker. I've been on the job a little over two weeks. They have me in Carton Air. I just started my 2nd day of 50% expectancy. I didn't make the percentage yesterday and I didn't let it get to me as it was my first day at 50%. But today seemed very different than the last week or so. Today in the morning, I was given a stack of labels (similar to the ones I've been getting) which had two large pulls. The first one was 48 and the second one was 81! Other TMs said that it's good to have larger pulls because it helps your percentage. Which I was happy to hear. After I finished the first stack. I was given a much larger stack of labels for two isles. The first isle wasn't bad, fairly quick. The second isle, I was in for hours up until the end of shift. This was because the stack consisted mostly of a mix of light and heavy product but 1 - 3 items in each pull. A former TM and friend told me they'll do things like that to make you look bad. Is that true? I just don't understand why they'd give me that stack when my expectancy is only 50%? I don't know what I finished with, I had labels I had to hand back. Last I knew after lunch I was averaging about 37 percent.
I know store side nobody is good enough for their half-assed metric goals. Even the ass kissers will get screwed, eventually. Do your best, don't argue as it will get you nowhere. If it continues get the fuck out and get a real job.
Typically labels are handed out in order of the workstation/aisles they are assigned. There are aisles that have good density and others that do not like waterfall aisles that are dense in locations but not carton counts.

Another contributing factor is the drop for the day and if there are multiple batch dates or days of work that have accumulated that become printed together.

The only difference between a new team member and one that is tenured and beyond their 90 days is that one has proven they can be safe, productive, reliable - and all the other metrics that every TM is expected to match.

You will be given the opportunity to prove yourself and be expected to perform no matter what labels you are assigned, your pace and work ethic will ultimately determine if you are going to make it or break it.

Is it possible that you were given crap aisles to work in, yes. My personal experience working in carton air and my view behind it is that no matter what aisles you are given you can meet expectation if you are determined enough to work through it at an appropriate pace and focus.

The function is physically demanding, it'll take time for your body to adjust and get used to the job; if you are older, shorter, uncomfortable driving equipment or with heights, easily distracted and enjoy conversing with others, on your phone which is against policy, or have a need to take frequent unscheduled breaks you will struggle to meet expectations through your probationary period and will not be an employee for long.