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Jun 16, 2011
My sister's company, a sales outfit, operated a call center where my sister works and they refused to do background checks because it costs so much money for those employees and they don't last so long.

One day she found a co-worker going through her things, she told him to get out of there before she called her boss. He ignored her and continued to rifle through her things until he found what he wanted. The boss came over and yelled at him and he left. He didn't show up for work for a few days and nobody knew anything until they got a visit from a federal agency.

It turned out that he was wanted by the FBI. He is a serial criminal of violent crime and has seven warrants out for his arrest. Something they would have found out if they had done a basic background check.

So they let a bonafide sociopath access their entire customer database which included suffixes such as Ms. and Mrs., access to the employee files because they refused to lock up the building.

Suffice it to say, the company is now paying for guards for all of the female employees and are steadily losing customers as they find out that a violent felon has their address because the company was too cheap to do a background check.

So here's to corporate, because while they may be stupid they are not THAT stupid.

P.S. Those of you in Oregon will probably see your crime rates go down.
I'm glad your sister wasn't hurt.
I might suggest that for a while she arm herself.
This creep knows more about her then her place of work and she can't count on rent-a-cops.
Maybe the company learned its lesson but I doubt it.
For all of Spots faults this aint one of them.

Then of course these are the call centers that made up entirely of criminals.
I really don't want the person taking my credit card information to be wearing a prison prison jumpsuit.
If the argument is that the person is a nonviolent offender then I would say that there is a good chance they shouldn't be in prison in the first place since most of those nonviolent offenses are drug related.
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I hope your sister keeps her guard up. It's when you become complacent that something happens.
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