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Jun 11, 2011
Ok so today my aptl comes up to me and asks how its going and I say ok. And she asks if I have a minute and takes me to the tsc. Long story short. He asks me why the sudden attitude and why I went from happy go lucky to ... yea . And about comments I made to srtl half joking when she asked a friend and I what we were complaining about (we werent complaining we were tlking about her bf) but I said target. and later that night I said no wonder i didnt like it there.I also used to always come in when they called. nd I havent for the last month or 2.

I'm not denying the fact that I have had an attitude. Im just sick of the lazyness of some team members, and feeling like when I work (most of the time at night) I'm picking up the slack. And the hours. Theres days when I start at 7 and work until 10:30 (we get out early sometimes)

I told him all of this. he told me Theyre watching those people and theres a process including coaching and stuff.

He also said Im a top performer and how they didnt want me to hate it there and asked if I had been recognised and I said no that I didnt even know what it meant. He didnt tell me.

He also told me I can come to him if this happens again. So i dont end up blowing up or anything.

they aslo talked to the other girl asking who said they didnt like it. and yada yada.

Im not mad or anything just....feel weird.... like isnt it normal to hate your job?

So My questions are:

1.) what does it mean to be "recognised"?

2.) Can I get fired for not being the same happy person I was when I started?

and any other feedback would be great
Try and have a better attitude when you work. People will like being around you more, and you will most likely earn recognition for your hard work.

1) Great team cards, or simply your TL telling you "good job"

2) Not unless your behavior becomes a problem.
Ik what you mean. But thats the difference. I dont actually have a tude with other team members (ones that actually work). Just twards the job. I basically started coming to work thinking "I'll go do what I need to and leave". And whats been getting me through it is saying "ok I have an off day in so many days"

I dont know if im bored. Or what it is.
I didn't talk about your attitude towards team members, I meant your attitude as a whole. People don't like downers. Yes work can suck, but you should try and enjoy it too, and take pride in your work.
That is why that they have great team survey. That is your real chance to say something about tm's & mgt. I suggest you lay low for now. Stay focus on your job & help your guests. If you are trainer, partner with your tl to resolve tm performance issues. It could be lack of proper training. Write gtc cards every day you work & say thank you to others who help you verbally. Mgt will start to notice your changes. Being on ca is a bad thing, try to avoid it at all costs. Be proactive, guest friendly, & support your team.
Hang in there!
Good luck!
Being proud of the work you do no matter what it is, always trying to do your best, putting the customers ahead of everything else, and treating your coworkers like you would like to be treated will pretty much take care of the attitude problem even when you absolutely do not want to be at work no way no how.
Otherwise it sounds like the management is not doing their job if you don't have any idea what recognition is and were a top performer.
I am often amazed at how many of those GTC's go to TL and ETL's. While I am sure they deserve them just as much as everyone else, the percentage seems to be 2 to 1 in favor of the bosses.
yea thats basically what I was doing. Idk what to even write great team cards for. I can handle most of my owne teamlifts, and if I cant I write one. Or if someone helps me with a spill.
but what else is there?
GTC for safety, driving sales, & others in general. If you see TMs doing something in a safe way, (Team lifts, pushing not pulling flats & tubs, cleaning up spills.) Write a GTC for this. It doesn't have to be something they have done to help you. Driving sales if you see others asking CIHYFS write a GTC. If you see someone helping a guest by pulling something from the BR write a GTC. General could be most anything else, such as responding to back up, zoning, or even helping new TMs learn their job. GTCs for helping you is all well & good, but we are a team & need to recognize everyone that helps the store as a whole. Hope this was helpful. :)
It only takes a simply "Hello", just get to know some team members, smile and say hi. Most TM's are prettyshy neways (particularly when I work around a bunch of mid age people when im only in college). I'll admit work can be a lazy place, but its always good to talk to your fellow tm's (and team leads). It not like your breaking the rules or anything, I talk to my team leads sometimes and its good for them to get to know u a little bit as far as work goes through.

But yea id had some rough days b4, and since im mostly doing the carts, i kinda hate when to other ca who doesn't pespond on his walkie (especially on carry-outs), or when they only decide to do the easy chores instead of picking up the slack to help organize the store a bit more (baskets, trashes, etc).

Jst remember, its all about the customers. Customers come first and if u help them out, they'll come back and they'll remember u the next time u work. In fact, there are customer surveys all the time, they just like tm's too can comment on your work by filling out a guest comment card.
Examples of some of the GTC I write:

Spot, thanks for having such a great sense of humor, you really brightened up my day!

Spot, welcome to the team! I look forward to getting to know you!

Team cards don't have to be about tasks performed. Just writing one for someone who has a great attitude or makes the work day a little easier is a nice way to recognize someone as well.
I don't write GTC's anymore because they want us to only use the either the Great sales/profits side or the Safety Team one.

Plus the red makes it hard to read.
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