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PMT Trainer
Jul 13, 2013
Hey, all. I'm not new here, I just sort of lost track of this site in the past year. Lately, I've had a very busy personal life mixed with the site being down for a bit last year (never did really get the whole story on that.)

Anyway, I'm back now with a new account. Hopefully I can continue to contribute to the site. I am pretty well-versed in the Backroom and Receiving/Reverse Logistics processes. I've been with Target for roughly 10 years.

Also, I feel that my store has continued to decline since I last came on the site, despite some leadership changes that I was initially optimistic about. I think part of that is due to our store dropping another level this year. It's been rough on a lot of people and getting hours is like panning for gold around here. Looking forward to sharing some experiences when I get the chance.

Glad to be back!
Not open for further replies.