Archived Backstock and Challenge

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Jul 28, 2012
Can an item with no salesfloor location come up challenge when backstocking? Well, yes, I know it can because it happened today. But, why should that happen? I even walked the floor to make sure the items weren't out there somewhere. I couldn't find them. So, why would an item which is not tied to any location and, presumably, have no sales, come up challenge?
More likely than not it was from a salesplan or planogram that had its tie broken within the last 24 hours.
I should have been more specific. It came off the truck today, not from the salesfloor.
If the pog was untied yesterday, it can still be showing up as needing to go out was rares point. Doesn't matter if the product comes from the floor or a truck the result is the same.

It can also happen when an item isn't on the floor yet but will be on ad the following week.
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