BHM Recall

Jun 11, 2011
Had to pull Magnetic Bullseye items because the individuals were incorrectly named. Does anyone know why we had to pull all the books? Every year seems we have to pull something because of such issues. Doesn't HQ have qualified Quality Assurance Dept oversee things like this? The stuff will probably be trashed now.
This error is the fault of the publisher, not Target. It's not like Target or any other retailer is going to fact-check, edit, and proofread every title stocked. Imagine if a bookstore, which stocks at least hundreds if not thousands or even tens of thousands of titles, had to do that.
The errors in this book were pointed out; Target acted responsibly and withdrew the books from shelves.
The QA part would be to rely less on cheap publishers and more on reliable ones who produce quality material.
Isn't most BPG merchandise produced for Target though? It should meet a different threshold than the random new book in Entertainment by Bill O'Reilley titled "Killing Your Mom." No?