Bounce Back

also target: making two different versions of books and one is somehow a target exclusive because it has an extra paragraph or some ish

Excerpt from the Target exclusive:

"On my way to the police station to confront Sheriff Tom with the truth about his daughter's murder, I zipped into my favorite Target because they had a killer deal on an adorable pink Keurig Mini. I knew it would just make the perfect graduation gift for my niece! She's going to love how it fits in her college dorm room!

"Later at the station, Sheriff Tom and his Glock 22 were waiting for me ..."
If Bounce Back works like it did a few years ago, it’s supposed to be recovering the store and making everything brand again (like it supposedly was before 4th quarter😂). The reason it matters to the ETLs is because after the completion date the DM and usually his entourage come in for a visit to check that the store has been restored to its former glory, and nothing gets the ETLs out of their offices and busy as bees doing something to maintain the illusion that all is brand, but which is of no practical use, quite like the threat promise of a district visit. 😂 More smoke and mirrors, and of course, Bounce Back hits right when hours drop and makes it nearly impossible to get the things done that actually need doing. What a waste! 🙄
I told my TL I'd be happy to work on OTC bounce back if he got hours for it. So far crickets. I detrash as schedule allows when I backstock, but it's a mess location-wise. Apparently it's not that important.
Hm, I get the idea he expects you to pull the hours out of your own ass 🤣
A couple of years ago I offered to audit most of our WACOs right before inventory because they were so messed up.

My TL declined because I told him I would only come in to do that not do pulls.

He declined.

I guess he thought it was better to have the inventory look bad just to save a few hours.

Does anyone actually have a good reason for why the barcodes should be facing out? When pulling, you're given a picture of the product you need. The front of the product, not the back or the barcode. And you have to pick the product up to put it in your cart anyway, so scanning the barcode while doing that means you're not spending any extra time to do so.

So.. why? You just end up being able to fit less in the WACOs. The only time I keep barcodes facing out is with casepacks (pick labels).
I feel like it’s an old habit from the PDA days when you didn’t have pictures and it was juest text based. Scanning the barcode was the only and fastest way to know what you were pulling.
My TL wrote "Bounce Back" on my assignment sheet yesterday.

I had no idea what is was until the AP Person (?!?) told me.

Apparently this entailed my ETL zoning the WACOs so it looks neat for some reason.

Why does that even matter?

I did notice two things though.

Though the WACO looked neat (at least temporarily) most of the product barcodes aren't facing out so what is the point.

However as usual I had to audit numerous WACOs because apparently that isn't important just so it looks neat.
It s the illusion that keeps alot of leadership afloat.