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Sep 6, 2011
My ETL is a complete moron and didn't give me my benefits package until 2 days AFTER my deadline to enroll...which was about a month and a half after the date on the letter in it. I was told I could still enroll but I would have to pay back pay for the 2 pay periods I was eligible but not enrolled. I could SEMI understand this if it had been because I just didn't enroll but I wasn't given my paperwork by my ETL. I had no choice but to enroll. My husband and I both need health insurance as we had none. So now because of my ETL's air headed mistake I am looking at more than HALF of my next 2 paychecks being taken from me. How is this fair!? How can they do this!? When I called and asked if I could still enroll the guy I talked to said I should have received it by mail as well and I said I didn't receive anything besides the 401k info. He didn't sound like he believed me. How does Target get away with this?! I was not enrolled, had I needed to go to the hospital I would not have been covered yet I still have to pay for it now because of someone elses mistake. What can I do? My HR ETL talked to her but that's all that was done....
It is mailed to you directly unless there is address issue. Talk to your etl-hr again. Also, ck on for more info.
At my store people are always given their packages in store... Now since my issue, HR is going to start putting them directly back in the mail when they come to our store that way it is no one's responsibility to make sure the person gets it in time. As I said before I received my 401k info in the mail. there is no problem with my address, they just send that stuff to our store instead of to the team member directly.
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