Calling in team members

can't touch this

Nov 20, 2017
We used to have an ETL who was super hardcore about this. Absolutely never call anyone in ever, thus spake our Minnesotan overlords. Somebody misread their schedule and didn’t show up one day thinking they were off, and I said “uh, call them?” and he was like “absolutely the fuck not I’ll get fired if I do” which made my eyes roll into next week. But these days HR does call people who typically have good attendance and suddenly don’t show up, which has happened to me. I thought I was scheduled at 8am but it was actually 6, and right as I pulled into the parking lot at 7:45 I got a call asking if I was okay. ASANTS I guess.
Nov 14, 2013
Having co-workers phone numbers also comes in handy when the phones are NOT put on night service and you are trying to call in or just say you are running late.. They would text you back telling you to call back they fixed it, or LOD knows and just call back after 8am when they flip the phones on for the day.