1. R

    Work only morning shift

    Can you request to only work morning shift as cashier or front end attendant?
  2. notfit05

    Guaranteed minimum hours?

    What level or position in the store is actually guaranteed set minimum hours weekly ?
  3. B

    Significant cut in weekly hours

    Hey everyone, I am working in GM, anyone else experiencing a significant cut in hours? Like a max of 15 hours a week when it used to be around 30 hours? If so, does anyone know why this is happening? Isn't this the start of back to school season/holiday season coming up?
  4. Catalina

    Need to vent. 5.5 hours shifts are the worst.

    I cant even begin to say how much I hate them. I've always hated them. But now I'm 6 months pregnant and hate them even more. I went from being SCO and GS(which I prefer) to being cashier constantly. Every shift(but especially the 5.5) my feet hurt so damn bad. Today I pulled a muscle in my...
  5. C

    When do i take a lunch?

    Hi. Im scheduled tomorrow to work from 1pm-9:15pm and i know i need to take a 45 minute lunch before the 5th hour But im a bit confused. Do i need to start a lunch before the 5th hour? For example , i could start my lunch at 5:40pm and end lunch at 6:25pm Or does my lunch need to be completed...
  6. C

    Questions on covering days!

    Hi so this weekend on a saturday I have a family event planned but i have been scheduled to work the whole day. Ive found someone to cover my shift but does anyone know where you sign up to do that? When is the latest time to sign up for someone to cover your shift? Thank you!
  7. PogDog

    Pricing and Presentation Scheduling Price Workload

    I know there's a pretty standard formula for figuring out how many hours are needed for pricing based on eaches/eaches done in an hour. I can't remember what that formula is though. And should I add additional time if there's a lot of salvage too? Edit: Isn't the formula like eaches/120 = the...
  8. S

    Vacation time off error

    so i took a 13 day vacation it was approved and everything, but it seems i had a mistake a didnt ask off the 13th day and i am scheduled to close but my plane doesnt land until 8-8:30 that night and by the time i get home and stuff it will be closer to 10pm. i know it was my mistake but what...
  9. Z

    closing TL expects us to clock out but makes us wait 20-40 minutes to leave building

    This has been an issue since I started. I work at a 2-story location and during closing shifts, we have to wait to be let out by the closing TL who has the keys. With some TLs this isn't a problem and they'll get us out of there ASAP, but there are a few who like to do their security walks and...
  10. G

    Question about my schedule for next week, any info would be appreciated

    Hello fellow TM's, Next week will be my third week at Target. I applied for general merchandise expert, and they've had me training in different areas for my first couple of weeks. This is my schedule for next week. I just wanted to ask if this is still considered a training schedule? It...
  11. A

    Chances of approved availablity change

    So since we can't change our availability online at home, how can we change it at the store? My current availability is anytime up until 5pm (M-Th) and anytime (Fri-Sun). I want to change Fri-Sun to match M-Thu, so it would be anytime up until 5pm (Sun-Sat). I've been going to summer classes for...
  12. T

    Changing scheduled job?

    Hi everyone! I’ve been at target for a few weeks now and was hired as a “guest advocate” (I know there’s been a ton of change with titles and stuff so I’m not too familiar with the old stuff), basically they said my responsibilities were everything front end (cashiering and GS). I know they’re...
  13. R

    Average Hours

    I'm not sure if there is a glitch, but my pay stub for this pay period does not have YTD hours or Average hours. Is there any other place to see the average hours worked besides the pay stub?
  14. PogDog

    MyTime Report

    Looking for a way to print up a week look for a specific work center. Like everyone scheduled under fulfilment; one week, all scheduled team members in that work center. I know it could be done. I've seen them printed before. Just don't know where to go to do that. Thanks.
  15. D

    Checking Schedule from Home

    Does anyone know how to check your Target schedule from home? Ever since the switch from eHR to Microsoft Sharepoint, I can't get to myTime at all. Also, the Kronos server is always having issues with my store and no one has been able to log in for weeks.
  16. A

    How bad is working off the clock?

    I have done a punch correction before in similar instances, but a few weeks ago I clocked out on time (to not get in trouble for clocking out late) and went back to finished my work in not more than a few minutes (backstocking the last few things, getting ride of trash etc.) I obviously really...
  17. Targetedbullseye

    How are avg hours calculated ?

    Do they start calculating each year or is it carrying over from year to year ? Just wondering, mine never seems to move even with the reduced hours.
  18. P

    Kronos discrepancy

    I was checking my schedule on the Kronos app and it only has me working on Sun 6/16 (I don't know why that's under the current week instead of next) but the paper schedule has me working tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. Is this just a consequence of the MyTime outage or something else?
  19. F


    Is there any way to see when, how or by whom your availability was changed? Or is there any way to see what your previous availability was? My availability seems to have changed to literally be available from open to close 7 days a week. But this has never been the case. So of course they're...
  20. A


    How can I change my availablity to unavailable on the system?