1. B

    MyTime Mytime telling me I’m not authorized

    I just had orientation today. Does it take a little while to get into the MyTime system? Is that why it isn’t working for me?
  2. A

    Does your target make you stay past closing time?

    My last target we never stayed past closing unless they’re closing the registers but at my new target they schedule you pass closing to do reshop and blasé blasé and one hour past closing I thought was dumb but I don’t care that much but now since it’s the holidays they have me schedule 2 hrs...
  3. R

    Scheduling question?

    What's is 3&4 for consumables ?
  4. S


    anybody elses DC not scheduling overtime? We haven't been scheduled any in over a month now it seems.
  5. A

    Help :(

    When I was called to come in for orientation back in July I was asked if I can work Thanksgiving and Christmas and I said no. I work at a location in my college town and live 800 miles away and got a plane ticket to go home for Thanksgiving week. (Mind you, I was hired for a seasonal back to...
  6. Dream Baby

    Crazy scheduling on Black Friday?

    So I was looking at some fellow TMs schedules on Black Friday. Some are coming in at Midnight, 2:00, 4:00, etc. Why doesn't Target as many people starting at Midnight? No guests will be in the store anyway. Thoughts?
  7. R

    4DA ??

    Ok so I'm scheduled at 330 in the morning for 4DA what is that lmao ?
  8. N

    Voluntary OT

    Hello! I work at a DC and is my fist time trying to schedule myself for voluntary overtime with the app (myTimeforTarget).. how does it work? I was able to selected the days and put my availability but I do not know what is the next step? Do I just show up to work or do I have to wait a...
  9. M

    HR position

    I’m offered a HR position, do I get a set schedule ? And my 37-40 hrs weekly
  10. N

    Hr Scheduling

    Anybody know what att-not schedule-6:00am means ? Only been at target for 4 weeks and nobody told me anything regarding to this stuff
  11. R


    What does RFI stand for it's on my schedule for like that last hour of my shift ?
  12. J

    Scheduling is time consuming

    The schedule is time consuming. Any tricks to get it done quick.
  13. S

    PST department

    Hello I’m new could someone tell me about he department pts/u1 and what do you do in that department
  14. A

    Can TL override your clock-out time???

    I'm on my second week at Target (also probably important to note that this is my first job ever) and have so far been working exclusively closing shifts. The TL closing tonight was someone I wasn't familiar with, and I didn't realize she hadn't told us it was okay to clock out yet (she was...
  15. lokinix

    Multiple Shifts in one Day?

    I was wondering if spilt Shifts or multiple shifts in one day is something that is allowed? One shift I am thinking of taking is 700-1130 and then I am scheduled 115 - 1000. I plan on asking someone in the next couple of days, but I figured I would inquire here, just in case it wasn't something...
  16. I

    My time app question

    In the my time app in the section that says mandatory groups what does it mean when it says up group E down group 5? I'm a new hire to a distribution flow center
  17. B

    Working off clock

    So, I asked my TL a question about something to do with work before I clocked in.. was told I was working off the clock.. Is this true? It seems so trivial.
  18. P

    Everything down

    Anyone else unable to log into the schedule app or workday or anything?
  19. H

    Already Cutting hours ?

    I was just hired 3 weeks ago, and since then they have been cutting hours. But they’re hiring a ton of people, I don’t get it. I work in fulfillment and they sent everyone home early but our OPU was -1+ hours. customers were getting angry because their order wasn’t ready in the 2 hours. It was a...