1. P

    what does this mean

    i know i seem dumb always posting about this but this is the last one i promise, what is JWL, YC, and FLT?? i’m scheduled for all three of those and have no idea what they are
  2. P

    New guy that needs help

    So some context, im new and just got done with my training schedule but i still have so many questions. So everyday ive showed up i haven't been able to clock in or out because it says im not scheduled, im guessing this is because i was on my training schedule but how do i log my hours? Next...
  3. S

    No schedule yet!?

    So I had my orientation Monday & after the end of that me and some others were told they would call us but the cashiers in the orientation class got their schedules but nobody else did so I didn’t think much of it but considering the fact it’s been almost a week now I’m very confused . Any...
  4. B

    What's SGN?

    I just got my new schedule, and one of the days says SGN? What does that mean? Im usually in beauty.
  5. S

    Locked Out

    So I pull in for my 6AM shift and as I step out of the car I hear the manager say dont get out - the locksmith is 20 minutes away! We actually have a manager here and can’t get into work for probably the next half hour, while he did say stay in your cars and stay warm, this is kind of a joke and...
  6. P

    Scheduling terms

    What does CLR mean? i have a shift scheduled for it in the morning and i’m lost
  7. I

    Did i clock out?!

    on my way home today i was lowkey panicking bc i couldn’t remember if i clocked out at the end of my shift. is there a way to check? and what do i do if it turns out i didn’t clock out??
  8. L

    Wrong times still on schedule

    So target scheduled me on late shift from 6-9pm and I told my leader I can’t work that late and she said it was fine and that she would change it to 4.30-8pm but the app still has me on for tomorrow 6-9pm. What should I do? Should I just go in and clock in at 4.30 like planned?
  9. Kookie123

    Sales Floor Schedule change?

    I was checking my schedule on my Kronos app and it said I was scheduled for HBA For next week but on the schedule I looked at in store it said I was doing cashier. What schedule do I go by.
  10. Q


    Can someone tell me what happens after you finish training mainly for GM?
  11. B

    Scheduling Acronyms

    I saw on my schedule I was scheduled for TSG in General Merchandise. Any idea what this means?
  12. D

    Taking shift from other coworker for a day

    When asking another co-worker to take your shift for a day do they have to have the same title? Example: general merch to cashier can the cashier have my shift?
  13. Kookie123

    EHR sucks

    I hate how I have to go in to the store to even change my password! I need to check on Kronos if my shift was picked up for this weekend.
  14. Kookie123

    Shift swapping

    I need to find someone to cover my shift for Friday. I used the Kronos app to find somone who can cover my shift. If someone accepts it who do I have to call to get it approved. What do I tell them.
  15. F


    I'm new and on my schedule it says mc does anyone know what that stands for???
  16. M

    TL On My Schedule

    One day next week my schedule says "TL" next to it, but not on the rest of the days I work. What does this mean?
  17. Kookie123

    Sales Floor First ever closing shift (nervous)

    I’m scheduled 8:00pm to 12:00pm closing, I never had a closing shift or have been trained for it. I’m usually in HBA in the mornings can someone explain to me what my shift would consist of.
  18. T

    Weekly Hours

    This is how many hours I was given for the week that just passed. I work today from 12-5 and then I don't work again for 10 days.
  19. J

    What does this mean?

    When you look at your schedule (Kronos or my time) what does it mean when it says trg and GR by your shift times. I’ve seen this occasionally before but never cared to ask.
  20. D

    mandatory overtime

    B2 do I always come at 6:00 pm on weekends for mandatory overtime? Is my time suppose to tell me if I have mandatory overtime started when they got rid of paper sheet