1. SoCalMama

    Can a store have the entire summer blocked off for no time-off requests?

    It seems that the STL has decided not to approve any vacation leave or unpaid time-off (1-2 weeks max) for the entire summer for the whole store. Can he/she do that? I understand why they do it over the holidays and during BTS, but June to August, no leave approved at all? Is this happening...
  2. N

    Why Do You Stay?

    What do you do every January when hours are reduced (assuming you're not one of the lucky TMs who never see a seasonal drop in hours.) Do you supplement with a temp job until hours pick up or just deal going from 30-40 a week to 4-8? Why do you ride it out? Why not get a job w year round...
  3. U

    Working off the clock

    I regularly (everyday I work) see people working off the clock. I don't mean cashiering or on the floor, but checking emails, doing paperwork, etc. People also get equipment and sign it out then clock in. That is working also. I've ignored it. Until yesterday. I got a speech by my lead, who...
  4. W

    In trouble already?

    Started training this week and was off yesterday (Wednesday). Got a message from TL mid-afternoon asking if I could come into work. Called her back and politely told her I couldn't work it out to come in. This morning during team meeting, the ETL mentioned how busy they were yesterday and...
  5. S

    Easter is coming (what are you guys out of?)

    I know we’re buried in candy, but all the decor is pretty much gone. Anyone else notice anything you’ve either got way too much of or are already out of stock? Like we don’t even have vinegar in anything bigger than a 12oz bottle!? People want that stuff by the jug for egg dying right now!!
  6. N

    Hours and Payroll

    Are other retailers as tight w payroll as Target is or is this just a Spot exclusive? We spent until 830 this morning pushing pp2 a room the day before. At 10, before the truck is done, our 4 hours is up and we get sent home. Dayside GM I guess is going to finish it during the day today. No one...
  7. T

    Sales Floor Just got a CCA and worried about....

    Hello I just checked Workday and I see that I have a notification for a —-> Manager Evaluation: Unacceptable conduct counseling <—- This is what it states. I was caught texting on my phone like last week and that’s why I believe I got the CCA, and my ETL also warned me that the CCA was coming...
  8. CrypticTM

    Clocking out "early" because your scheduled time to leave wasn't changed?

    So basically, I was told to come in early at my store for RFID. Our deadline is 4PM and usually I'm on an 8 hour shift and start at 7AM, but my normal shifts start at 9AM. They forgot to tag me as RFID on the schedule so I asked if I could come in at 7 instead of 9 and was given the green...
  9. T

    What’s is ATO

    So I’m a softlines TM and I look at the schedule and see that I am scheduled for an ATO shift but I have no clue what that means
  10. A

    Can't find my work schedule

    How do I get to "mytime - self service to see my work schedule? - the new system directs me to places I don't want to be. Anyone else having these issues - Solution PLEASE/Thanks
  11. M

    Guest Services How likely will this be approved...?

    So I've been with Target since November, I started as a seasonal and was asked to stay on in January. Currently my availability is every Wed, Fri, Sat and Sunday. But starting May 1st I begin my other job, which I've been doing for a couple years as a seasonal Hawaiian shaved ice truck driver...
  12. S

    My name was not on the printed schedule for next week, does this mean anything?

    Is it just that I wasn't scheduled for hours that week? I freak out about this kind of stuff because I had the same thing happen when I was being let go for being seasonal. The HR-ETL happened to be there, she seemed surprised when I told her and said she would get me hours, but I can't help but...
  13. A

    What does DA1 stand for?

    I’m scheduled for DA1 from 10am to 2 pm next Friday. Anyone know what that is?
  14. W

    What do the handwritten marks mean?

    What do the little handwritten marks mean?
  15. M

    Working off the clock

    I’m an hourly TL and for the past year or so, I have been constantly working off the clock. My STL refuses to stop contacting me when I’m not at work. She is always calling me, texting me, begging me to come in, etc. I’m always answering questions about workload, VMGs, team members, and the best...
  16. N

    My shift was given away over a miscommunication - are they allowed to do this?

    So the long story short is this: I have been with Target for a few years now, most of those as a guest service team member, although I am trained in other areas. My immediate managers (GSAs and GSTLs) all like me as a service desk team member, and I've never had a single complaint from any of...
  17. Q

    I don’t know what to do!

    So I have a coworker that released information of my schedule to somebody that I don’t feel comfortable around today. He told them when I worked tomorrow! I’m so upset but I don’t know what to do because I’m scared that if I do something my whole department will dislike me since he’s worked...
  18. G

    Working Eight Hour Shifts

    Hey, I have a small question maybe you guys can help with. When working an 8 hour shift, do you get "Two 15 minute breaks" or "One 30 minutes break"? Also, is it safe to not take your 15 minute break?
  19. G

    Sales Floor First "Real" Shift

    Hey-oh! Today is my first "real" unsupervised work shift. I've been trained for a few days now, and decided to pick up a shift from a fellow Team Member, to help 'em out. I'm both a little nervous and excited to start this shift in a half an hour. Wish me luck!
  20. Mikuhl

    mySchedule - Your schedule on the go!

    I have released mySchedule, a proof of concept for a mobile schedule app. Download for Android: mySchedule - Apps on Google Play - Due to this being an unofficial application, I cannot give a demo login as required by the Apple...