1. N

    The last few days have been...great

    Over the weekend and Monday, something happened at my store that hasn't happened in months. We had good days at work. There were enough people to do all of the important stuff, the trucks were manageable, and more people were smiling and relaxed. For a change, I was happy and positive the whole...
  2. F

    Why do leadership in retail places schedule short shifts instead of fewer days when cutting hours?

    Y'all, I'm just curious. Every retail place I've worked at, when they cut hours, they cut people from 8 hour shifts to 4 hour shifts, instead of switching from 5 days a week to 3 or 4? Hours are hours, but every day you've gotta show up is more money/time for commuting, etc. Is there any benefit...
  3. F

    Looking for clarity

    Who do you go to if you want to be put back in your original position but keep getting scheduled under another position that you did not agree to move to especially if you were a DBO?
  4. girlskate6


    what is BRD? 🫠
  5. chinkr54

    Lack of help and hrs

    Freezer full of pallets..10 uboats of groceries in back room..happening on a daily area looks trashed and one for ones backed up..6 trucks a week and can never get caught up..sound familar??
  6. T


    Hi there, I’m a permanent employee for target in electronics not a seasonal. I recently finished working the season but they told me I won’t have any hours for awhile. Fine I get it, but does not working affect the eligibility of my team member number ? I use it to log into work day so I can see...
  7. E

    Who do we contact at .com to edit hours?

    We are getting a remodel which will close certain parts of the stores with dedicated hours in the app and .com. Who do we contact to tell them to mark it as closed on .com and the app? I’m asking because it’s going to close (after hours) one day this week and the next days it shows that it’s open
  8. P

    Since it won't be busy today ....

    Since it won't be busy today, WRONG!, the think tank management team at Target scheduled one cashier. That worked well. Looks like it's going to be another stellar year filled with brainless management.
  9. Shani

    Posted shifts not showing up for taking

    I attempted to post some presentation shifts on MyTime. I use the desktop version since the app doesn't work right on my phone. I cannot see the shifts when I look in the list of available shifts, and my coworker who is trying to take one also cannot see them. I've tried searching for a...
  10. J

    Schedule having integrity issues

    I’m the ETL HR, my schedules are having some integrity issues. I feel like someone is adjusting the patterns but in my time I can’t see any edits being made to the pattern. I can only see post edits being made. Is there a way to see patterns being adjusted in my time. I post the schedule on...
  11. E

    Why can’t we request time off from home?

    I know why we can’t do training or any work off the clock. But why can’t we request time off from home?
  12. D

    How many days in a row can you work?

    Last year HR told me we could work 8 days in a row before taking off. I asked again this year to make sure it hadn’t changed and was told it’s 6 days in a row. Seems odd to me that would go from 8 to 6.
  13. S

    MyTime Time Off Requests

    When an employee submits a time off request does that request go to HR and then get filtered to the appropriate ETL? Or does it directly go to the ETL? Or another option?
  14. E

    What’s more accurate the paper schedule or MyTime?

    My schedule is weird (for me) for tomorrow and I want to know if I should go by MyTime or the paper schedule
  15. Dream Baby

    Scheduling out of availability

    I havw a lot of TMs complain that they are being scheduled out of their availability. I also thought if HR did this it would be flagged and you would have to manually override it. Is this true?
  16. C

    Is there likely anything I can do if I’m scheduled outside my availability due to holiday hours?

    Is there anything I can do if holiday hours are leading me to be scheduled outside of my availability? Seems kind of absurd that just because my store is implementing holiday hours that that means my availability goes out of the window. It wasn’t just a suggestion when I made it known lol Am...
  17. NKG

    Ugh my training schedule is wrong

    I got my training schedule and I had the HR expert fix it. Then I got home and realized it's still wrong. I need to work a rotating schedule to my other job. I know it's frowned upon to make too many changes in the 1st 90 days. Should I talk to my TL who I've never met? Does Target really care...
  18. C


    What does ONE stand for on MyTime?
  19. I

    Home department Shift

    Okay so I have a question, I picked up a shift that was under style but couldn’t see what area in style, so once it was added to my schedule then I could see the area and it said Home. I know you should only pick up shifts you know how to do but I thought because it said Style it was gonna be...
  20. E

    Store is overworking me

    Who do I contact if I think my store is overworking me? It's a long story that I don't want to get into here. It's nothing to do with my schedule, just how much work is expected of me when I am scheduled. Do I go to my store HR or email corporate HR?