1. E


    Can someone explain to me how the scheduling works? I know the schedules that are put out for the next two weeks, but my first day was Friday (3/1) and all I see is the next upcoming week. (3/3-3/9). Does that mean I’m only scheduled for that week out the two weeks or they just haven’t released...
  2. StargazerOmega

    Forgot to punch out.

    Just noticed that I hit "Get Info" when I meant to clock out at the end of my shift. I know the app gives the option to fix a punch, but is it best to just wait until I go in tomorrow to fix it?
  3. Yaz Pistasio

    Schedule exception

    How do I get one of these? How long can I be on one? Can you work overtime on one? What happens if the job/key change happens while I’m on one, particularly the key I signed up for Is the same as my schedule exception?…. It’s getting too hot on my key…too much entitled people BS and OM’s fixing...
  4. E


    I know this varies from store to store but do they allow you to work everyday? I’m asking because I know some people have their availability open but still end up with a day off.
  5. K

    Call Outs

    Hi everyone. Just got another conversation for attendance. Won't lie it was upsetting. Just making sure I'm clear. I know if you're sick you fill out a form and use sick hours, but what if something personal happens? Does Target Self-Service still exist or do you guys fill out a form too? I...
  6. Uberdead

    Over payroll hours in 1st wk January

    Did anyone notice the extreme lack of hours this month? My store was over 800hrs in 1st wk. Heard the reason was we were getting billed hrs for tm's who didn't work at store. This was happening district wide. Once identified the question was asked. Will we get those hours back? No. (I hope...
  7. C

    Call off - childcare

    How does this option work? When you submit it there is a blue thumbs up automatically there. Do the leaders see it?
  8. F

    HR ignoring all time off requests and availability

    my store has a somewhat new HR ETL, and since they started any time off request is completely ignored; it doesn't matter the reason. Whenever someone complains, the complaint is ignored and we are told to just figure it out or they say it was autodenied(even when submitted a few weeks before)...
  9. S

    On Demand Workers

    Hi! I am interested in applying for target's on demand workers. I am in school starting an internship so I want to be able to work when I can but don't have the consistency for a schedule. Are you allowed to work at two targets? I want to make sure that when I can work, I am able to pick up a...
  10. L

    MyTime I have miss punch and who should i talk to OM or HR?

    I clocked in and out but on my time app its not showing the hours i worked that day.
  11. P

    what does "TS" mean on the mytime app?

    I logged in today to look at my schedule and I am scheduled as checkout advocate, but next to it, it says "TS" in a box. What does that mean?
  12. T

    PAP stand for?

    I have st started at Target and my schedule says I'm to work PAP. Does anyone know what that stands for?
  13. Dream Baby

    Time Off Requests

    Is there a time frame in which in the app "My Requests" have to be approved or denied? I have had one that has been sitting there almost two weeks. If I cancel that one and resubmitted it will it make any difference? At this point I am sure it will just be "auto denied" once that schedule...
  14. L

    Total number of distinct TM scheduled to work:

    230 TM. This is for today Tuesday 11/14/2023. Care to share yours? Just curious.
  15. M

    Hours not as promised

    so I recently started working last month as a first job as soon as I turned 16. I was placed in fulfillment. During my interviews I discussed my availability which was open, but that school was my priority and that I was looking for maybe 2-3 shifts and 15 hours weekly. I was told this was no...
  16. Dream Baby

    Scheduling out of availability

    So what actually happens if the store schedules you out of availability and you don't come in? I would think I would just not bring it up and not even bother to call out or anything. Thoughts?
  17. N

    Schedule exceptions

    Hey I wanted to know if you work in a DC and want a schedule exception because of lack of daycare and want to go to another shift same department can you go to another shift?… I have worked the weekend shift for years and just want to go to the weekday shift I put in a job change same...
  18. B

    Odd hours?

    i’m a college student that only can work 3 days a week. At first they scheduled me 3 days 8hrs shifts but recently they’re scheduling me 4-5 6 hour shifts. I also was strictly working nights, but now my hours range from night to morning. they’re mostly giving me 6hr shifts except 1 8hr shift...
  19. S

    Off Two Days in a Row?

    Why is it people, for the most part, do not get scheduled off two days in a row? It doesn't have to be Sat/Sun but just two days off in a row.
  20. Dream Baby

    Store closing at 10 but TMs working until 11

    Today my TL said we are now scheduling TMs to work past closing for another hour. No one in my store was told this until and actually some TMs were told they are scheduled until 11 starting 10/8. Supposedly they are asking for "volunteers" to do this but what if no one volunteers? We have a...