1. A

    Can Target schedule me for working all of F block in one day?

    For example they’ve already done it once to me where I work Tech/Entertainment/Seasonal/Mini Seasonal and also get called up for all of F blocks stray.
  2. T

    What is MAP?

    I was scheduled for MAP next week and I have no clue what that means. I’m usually in apparel. Ideas?
  3. T

    How to request time off

    Hi all! I’m new to target and have a question. I need to request some time off but I can’t figure out how to do it from the workday app of the UKG app. Can someone walk me through it? Thanks
  4. KarmaToBurn

    Approved Vacation Scheduled anyway...

    So for the fifth time in a row I've been scheduled to work my Approved requested time off. In days past once your request was approved you were blocked from being scheduled in the computer. Is this no longer true, or is my SD just overriding that?
  5. N


  6. H

    Why are TMs and TLs treated differently in regards to being off the clock?

    Why is it okay when a TL works or is in an employee area (like the office) when off the clock but not a TM? I only see TMs getting pulled aside and being told that they'll get fired, but when TLs do the exact same thing or worse, no one says anything. Is there different protocols I'm unaware of...
  7. Dream Baby

    Survey as to how many hours you want

    I think this is also in another thread. Why the big rush to ask how many hours TMs want? I have heard that they are going to "cross-train" more so they can move people around more. I was scheduled outside of my department for the first time next week. However they have always let me work in...
  8. N

    I was scheduled out of my preferred max hours per week

    I just got accepted into Target just 1 week and completed my training. I've confirmed with HR when they called me to let me know I got in that I can work up to 20-25hrs per week, and 30 hrs max as I have school. But just upon my second week of accepted, i'm already scheduled 34 hours per week...
  9. 2

    Scheduled outside of availability

    What is the current policy when you are scheduled outside of your availabity? I have confirmed several times with HR that I am only to work no more than 4.5 hours a day, however I keep being scheduled for 7 hours on some days. When I addressed the issue with my ETL, she advised me that I needed...
  10. A

    How does the Shift Coverage work in Kronos

    If I put in a shift coverage does that mean I am calling out for that day even if someone does not pick up my scheduled shift time or am I still responsible to call the LOD to let them know I will not be in that certain day?
  11. B

    Seasonal question? Help please!

    Hi! I was hired as a softlines seasonal employee December 18. I am very confused as to whether i’m staying or not. Some seasonals in my area have been taken out, and a few of them are still there. On my Workday app it says I’m seasonal but on some of the other seasonals in my area that are left...
  12. K

    New availability policy?

    Before closing tonight, I was told that starting on the 14th of this month there will be set shift start times. For example closing will start at 4 pm no matter if your availability starts at 2 pm or 5pm. Has anyone heard about this? I was told that this would take place at every Target store...
  13. S

    Scheduling problems

    So, I work early morning shifts, always have. We recently got a new ETL who started scheduling me all over the place. I talked to him about it, and put in a request for availability change to have a more consistent schedule. He approved it, then proceeded to schedule me outside of that...
  14. G

    How many GM TM's close

    How many GM tm's close your store? Not Market, Style or fulfillment. Im trying to determine how many close compared to how many are suppose to close? If we start are pulling 1for1's at noon and all the gm tm's leave except for 1 how are they suppose to get all of that pushed?
  15. StickyPudding

    Scheduled in other areas more than my designated area

    I have been with Target less than a year. At Christmas, I was asked to do Amp Gifting and loved it. Once that was done, they needed someone for Swimwear and Family Gateway, and seemed like a natural flow after Amp Gifting. Everything was going great...until winter hours hit. I completely...
  16. A

    Just clocked in

    Just clocked in and got to the register and all the sudden started feeling so sick. I am disappointed because I really need the hours. .
  17. T


    I work in style and i’m scheduled in MID, is that the middle section like the women’s all in motion and bras and jewelry ? or is this just for my target
  18. M

    Question about getting a shift covered

    If I call in the day of, but I have someone to cover my shift, is it okay to just call and let HR know? or would I need to go into the store and get it on the swap shift board?
  19. A

    Front of store shifts

    So why all the sudden are all my shifts for guest advocate.i haven't been scheduled not one Service advocate shift for weeks. Mean while newer Tm's who are being scheduled for service desk are prancing around making guests uncomfortable. Not cool
  20. J

    Hours Cut in March

    I know after Christmas hours are cut drastically but I checked my schedule for the first week of March, and I was only scheduled for 4 hours. Has this happened to anyone else?