1. S

    Shifts gone?

    I recently started at a DC, I have previously worked in stores only. Yesterday, I had volunteered to go home before the start of the shift since I had gotten behind on school work. I checked my schedule today, and my shift for today and the ones next week have all been removed. Is this just an...
  2. S

    Shift swapping question

    I frequently get scheduled for more hours than I asked for even if other people have their hours cut. Is it frowned upon to frequently put my shifts up for swap in hopes someone will take one and reduce my hours? I show up if no one takes it and I won’t be mad if they all get taken I’m just...
  3. A

    Q4 Availability Form

    I am a guest advocate and my team lead just finished calling us all over to complete out Q4 availability forms! I normally have 25 hours a week but reduced it a bit for Q4 and my team lead said it was ok. After Q4 is over, will my original availability return or will this one stay??
  4. L

    Need advice ASAP

    Ok so I work overnight and is currently on loa until the end of the week I told hr and my overnight boss my availability changed due to me not having a babysitter anymore they denied my request to switch shifts what should I do?
  5. A

    Reducing Availability

    Hello! Ok so I am currently a senior in High School and I have a pretty open availability for a High school student (every day except Wednesday; 20 hours a week)! I am applying to colleges and I am starting to see the amount of courses I need to take to pursue my major...... is it possible to...
  6. 7

    Viewing my schedule

    I have been ill, I have been trying to view my new schedule starting next week which is tomorrow, I have seen every subject but how to view it can someone help me with this?
  7. R

    Answered Should I be concerned over less hours?

    Recently I have been getting less hours. Used to be 20+ a week yet next week I have only 6.5. Have only been working for a 1.5 months so not sure if this is normal. Can anyone offer some advice? Can I ask for more hours? Am a GA. Am also working in a different department next week, does that...
  8. R


    Hello guys pls help me! So I recently started working at target like 3 weeks ago and at first I was fine with my schedule because it was not interfering with anything, but today I checked and they scheduled me weekends from 3-10 and I really can’t because well I have school and my mom also works...
  9. J

    Answered Can I leave 5 minutes earlier?

    If I clock in 5 minutes early, can I clock out 5 minutes early as well? Or is that frowned upon/not allowed? Thanks!
  10. A

    Answered Training schedule different from wall schedule. Which to go by?

    Hi all! I am a new TM and am in my second week of training. I received a paper training schedule from HR at orientation, and the same day a schedule was posted on the wall. My paper schedule is almost identical except it shows me off today and my hours one shift are adjusted to allow me to go to...
  11. J

    Hours completely reduced

    So according to my schedule the next two weeks I am not working at all. Is this something that happens? I tried to get an answer as to why I’m not working at all and no one has contacted me to answer my questions.
  12. J

    Dailey Grid Schedule

    Does anyone have a daily schedule grid I can see from a high volume store. I want to compare it to a lower level store like mine and how do they categorize it?
  13. C

    Is it possible to put in for time off online?

    Or do I have to do that on the computer at the store?
  14. RealFuckingName

    Day vs close shifts

    I've done both, and I find the differences interesting. Each has it's pros and cons; and some jobs only have days shifts. Some of the things I've noticed. Night shift means fewer employees and inventory in your way in the BR, but also means more guests on the sales floor (M - F anyway). SD and...
  15. J

    Covering shifts

    If I go in to cover a coworker on my day off does that mean I have to give up another day I was scheduled?and do I simply show up to the co workers hours Or..?
  16. STA25UCKS


    Is there a way to view your past clock ins/outs? I know on Kronos but that only has the previous & current pay period totals. I'm looking for maybe 2-3 weeks prior if possible. TIA
  17. R

    Answered Schedule help!

    What does GRE mean on the schedule next to the times that I’m working in the kronos app?
  18. J

    Offering 50 hours during Q4?

    Anyone have any more information on the plans to allow team members to work up to 50 hours through the holidays? This is in order to reduce the amount of seasonal hires needed. Not sure if it’s a company wide option, but my district is doing it. Will this option be available to TLs as well?
  19. L

    Taken off the schedule

    This week I was originally scheduled one lonely day. End of last week it was cut to 3 hours & today it disappears off the computer. I've heard a rumor that there is a minimum number of hours to be scheduled & they still pay that minimum if your not? Anyone experience this? Edit: I'm back on my...
  20. Struggler

    MyTime Can I do anything about this?

    This is my first post on this site and its going to be a bit lengthy but I have no one else to ask about this sort of thing so I thought I would give this a try. About 3 Weeks ago I was interested in taking a paid vacation for the week of august 16th to the 22nd (This week at the time of...