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Apr 6, 2014
I'm considering taking a volunteer position with a non-profit overseas for a year. I'm already making plans to leave Spot anyway so I'm not concerned about terminating my employment, but I do see the benefits of retaining my job since I DO have a firm return date and who knows how hard it might be to find an job to get me by once I get back.

So here is my question. Do you think there is any way that my ETL-HR will put me on LOA instead of making me turn in my notice? I'm not actually getting employed elsewhere, just going away. I know that I will have to step down from my current "position" and will have to be coded as a regular sales floor or cashier TM, but is that even possible, or will they not do that for anyone? I'm on good terms with my leadership and I'm pretty sure they would hire me back anyway, but there's something for not giving up all your merit raises and having a guaranteed position when I get back.

On the other hand, maybe it's best to just cut loose while I can, so I don't have any reason NOT to go for a "real" job later on. I've found that Spot is very "comfy" in that it lures you in and can make you feel secure and not want to leave even when it sucks, lol.

Anyway, not sure how this all works so I figured I'd ask the knowledgeable people here!

P.S. Also, what would be the recommended timetable of telling HR of my plans? I will know a few months in advance if I definitely am leaving, but obviously want to work up until I leave and don't want to find myself suddenly unemployed halfway through the summer. But, they might not be inclined to work with me if I surprise them three weeks before I leave. :p
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