Archived Can I get some suggestions how to improve BRLA%in the freezer...

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Flow Driver
Jun 26, 2011
My name is "BOB" and I was given a task to help improve BackRoom Location Accuracy in the freezer.

An idea I can think off is purging 3 sections (upper and lower locations) everyday. Not really that bad when we get pfresh trucks MWF and should be easy with just 3 sections.

Subt999 when STOing during PFresh truck days because if we dont, CAF pulls are big.

Talking to market TMs, making sure to talk to BRTMs before they grab something in the back (a problem in my store)

That's what I could came up with.
Not saying this is your issue but I know when we first transitioned to pfresh back in 2010 they originally back stocked using subt999 our location accuracy no dived. Since our o/n LOG exec had them stop we've been well over green or just slightly below depending on the time of year
Purging and going back and LOCUing locations will be an immediate fix to your accuracy problems... but in the long run its best to just see who is causing the issues and deal with it that way! The system works fine (sure it may overpull at times, but correctly using Subt999 will fix that)... its all human error that will mess stuff up! To be the most productive, the team needs to be doing it right the first time and not causing so many errors you guys need to go back to fix all the mistakes! I would say the TL needs to be managing talent and doing coachings on location accuracy to ultimately fix these problems.
What solved the huge P-Fresh batches during the 11AM CAF thing for us was making sure the market team acknowledged the truck right when they started unloading it. Previously, then weren't acknowledging the P-Fresh truck until sometime after they were done unloading it, this caused the 11AM CAF to be huge most of the time as a result. Once we had them start making sure to acknowledge right as they started to unload, the problem completely disappeared. Accuracy is another thing, but not having to backstock the truck, pull half of it in the CAF, and then backstock it all over again no doubt helped the location accuracy in the freezer due to the sheer drop in activity.
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