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Can I keep my availability schedule if transfer to another store?

Jan 28, 2012
I am in the process to transfer to another target store that is nearby from where I live. I have been working at my old store for a couple of years. During my time there, I have filled out the availabilityf orm at store terminal. I have a steady schedule that I am to work only 4 days while keeping 3 days off to go to college. My question is: If the store ( where I requested to work) will let me continue with the same schedule? Or will I have to fill out the availability form again and talk to HR and ETL?
Jun 24, 2011
the new store accepts/denies you as you are. The ETL-HR's will discuss the availability, and if the new store wants you. they accept you with the availability provided. When you transfer, all the info in your electronic file is sent to your new store. Be sure it's made clear - you will have to actually apply at the new location - that you need to have those days off for school.