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Jul 19, 2011
(OR 2 Letter Abbreviations.. Durrr)

Hello... I work in a DC and I realized after responding to a thread that I have no idea how management is in retail.
Can someone break the Target hierarchy in a retail store for me please?

In a DC... it's like this
TM - Team Members (Warehouse Workers<---Official title.. HAHA..Me.)
GL - Group Leaders: They Supervise TM's
SGL - Senior Group Leaders: They Supervise GL's
GM - General Manager - Runs the Building.

What are the equivalents in a Store? TM, ETL... etc.
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The store levels are:
TM: Team Member. The base level at the stores.
TL: Team Lead. They supervise the team members. Generally responsible for a certain area.
ETL: Executive Team Lead. They are the team lead supervisors. Each area has its' own ETL.
STL: Store Team Lead. This is the person who is responsible for the whole store.
TM - Team Member
TL - Team Leader (they supervise TMs)
SrTL - Senior Team Leader (like a TL, but with more responsibilities, similar to ETLs)
ETL - Executive Team Leader (they supervise TLs)
STL - Store Team Leader (runs the store)

Next step up after that, is DTL (District Team Leader).
Thank you. And BTW.. I realized how retarded I am for not looking at the number 1 sticky. :facepalm:
That's OK. You are forgiven for using the Captain Picard image.
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