Archived Can you be cross-trained in AP?

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Dec 22, 2011
I know this probably sounds stupid. Lol I've always wanted to do AP but I've never had the opportunity so I figured I'd at least ask. It'd be awesome to do once in awhile if I could. Lol I'm already cross trained everywhere else. >.<
It never hurts to look into it, though. Talk to your ETL-AP. See if they think you'd be a good fit for a TPS position. You never know when there could be an opening.
I have a TPS who will occasionally work Hardlines or Plano during extremely heavy workload periods.

Now, who's to say he's not actually doing AP stuff...
I have a TPS who will occasionally work Hardlines or Plano during extremely heavy workload periods.

Now, who's to say he's not actually doing AP stuff...

APTL explained to me they are not suppose to do that kinda stuff. Said to me No more carts, no pulling tv's, straight AP stuff. That is whats wrong with the TPS role in some stores. I know that being a TPS you have the option of helping out where needed.(Like reshop after closing) but some stores take advantage of this. Previous TPS was treated like a backroom TM after they left and a salesfloor TM after closing constantly doing other workcenters jobs, hardly got his work done or never got the chance to be a presence as much as he needed to be.

Also once your in AP there is no going back.
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Our TPS will occasionally help with a carry-out, but it's not ever actually required. Other than that, he's pretty strictly doing AP tasks.
Its a conflict of interest for AP to work any other area of the store, if they help out the backroom who's to say they cant manipulate the situation to steal and not get caught, or slow down a train? Its better they stay apart from the rest of the store processes.
My top-performer TPS throws on the AP reflective vest and will help the cart attendant when it gets super busy. "Safe and secure" is the reasoning.
An AP team-member cannot be a regular team member also. But, there has been times where someone transferred to AP from another workcenter and then transferred back out after so long.

Reason is you have all the inside information on how things are done, then you can turn around and handle the cash from a register and know how you can cover your tracks and have the ability to control the cameras and set yourself up to steal.
Yup-- you guys nailed it.. a TPS is in a unique position where he doesn't have to/can't do TM stuff like cashier, pulls, zone, ect due to the fact of a conflict of interest. Also, keep in mind that the AP hours are separate from the store payroll hours and do not reflect on sales, but on risk index. The AP hours are set once/twice a year and remain consistent throughout the year. Lol plus how funny would it look seeing a TPS back-up cashier?? haha When I worked there, most guests didn't even know I worked for Target and assumed I was a cop asking "can I help you find something" lol!!
Our TPS just do AP stuff. However they will help out with carry outs, and sometimes carts (during Q4). Pretty much anything that involves Safety they will help out on if needed.
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