Can you explain this schedule thing to me?

What does it mean when you have a bunch of TMs at the bottom of the schedule listed as "not on schedule"?
Some of them are described as being on Time-Off, unavailable or available. I am really curious about the "available" TMs. Does it mean they quit and they are not completly out of the system yet?
During this time of year, those are usually the seasonal tm's that we are not offering positions too. If they are choosing to work their remaining shifts, we can not term them in the schedule yet (schedule is made two weeks before their actual last day).


purveyor of things
Also, if a TM is on family/educational/medical/other LOA, they'll show up as available/unavailable (depending on their most recent availability change) in the unscheduled section (because they're taking a leave of absence rather than just requesting the time off).
Available could also mean that they just were not scheduled for the week. I have had that happen to me because they messed up and didn't schedule me any hours for the week.