Can you negotiate your pay?

I've been with Target for almost 4 years and was offered a new position with more responsabilities and better hours. Problem is, I would be making $0.50 less per hour. When you make just above minimum wage, that 50 cent is A LOT. Can I negotiate and demand they offer me the exact same hourly fee?
Yeah I know, way to show you appreciate good assets to the company. I was wondering if you could negotiate or if the HR people are robots who have to follow a grid strictly.
You can negotiate pay. I have done it. It isn't easy and you need to be able to justify your request for a higher wage. I met with my STL and HRETL when I did it. I planned carefully and requested an appointment.
depending on your store, you will get that till season ends. have you observe what they do in p-fresh? warning: the freezer backstocking is the hardest thing to do in p-fresh. search our threads/guides for p-fresh. its hard work & not an easy job.
pay changes are not easy to get at my store.