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Oct 21, 2011
i hate it when the guest comes up to you and asks you if you can check the price when the price is right on the tag, not to mention the scanner is just behind you:girl_impossible:
I'm sure that item must be secretly on clearance--how's the guest going to know that if they don't ask you?!:mosking:
I swear, my store's guests don't know how to read!! They put the price right on the tag (especially if it's on clearance), and if it's not that price because it's on sale, there will be a sign where you find the item.
I love it in the pharmacy when they try and say "The last time I got this, it was X" so I look in the computer and it was the same price....THEN, they sit there and argue, "No, I KNOW it wasn't this much last time, your computer must be wrong..." No, it's ALWAYS been $X!!
Yeh, I love when guests bring me a sign to 'prove' the price of an item....until I point out that the numbers don't match, the description doesn't match & the original price point doesn't match either.
'Proof' positive....NOT!
Yeah... I actually like when they bring the signs up... Saves so much time and effort doing a price check... I usually just put the sign in with that area's reshop, or give it to a sales floor team member afterwards.
No, I understand that. But I'm talking about a whole 4ft section that's on sale, with no sale signs put up, or even an entire aisle.
That's not always true. When I'm doing Instocks, every week I find full sections where the sale signs weren't put up.

Same at my store.

It still doesn't give them an excuse for walking past a working price scanner to ask me to scan a price though. Technically they are wasting our time with stuff they can find on their own. It would be like me walking up to my TL or ETL each Thursday and asking them what my new schedule is rather than checking for myself, while yes they can do it I am wasting time from whatever they were doing with something I could have easily done in the amount of time I took to ask. If the nearest price scanner is broken then that "horse of a different color" and I'm happy to help the guest.
Like Hardlinesmaster I will show the guest how to use the scanner,I look on it as an investment,in my store we have serious issues with price accuracy and sales signs although everythine else is great
Can't tell you how many times since the remodel I've had a guest walk up and say 'The scanner's broken' or walk past and see them getting frustrated trying to get a product to scan.
Takes me a minute (or more if I have to walk them back) to show them how to do it but it's worth it in the long run.
At least they're not at the register with a cart full of items and asking "Can you tell me the price for this...", "...and this", "...and this", "...and this", while handing items to you one by one.

Then thinking about if they want to buy it or not while holding up the line :help:
We get guests all the time that call and ask "can you tell me how much XXXX would be with my insurance?" When we tell them that "No, we can't, you have to call your insurance", they don't understand why. Then, there's my personal favorite...."can you tell me how much it would be with Humana/BCBS/UHC insurance?" Me: "No, you have to call your insurance" Guest: "Oh, I don't have it yet, I'm trying to decide which one to choose" Me: "No, I'm sorry, you'll have to call them, every company and plan is different so we have no way of knowing what your copay would be with any company" Guest: "Oh really? They offer different plans?" :dash2:
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