Archived can you work at a dc and a store?

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Jun 2, 2012
Ive worked at a dc for about a year now and have been considering picking up a second job for extra cash. Since obviously I cant work for a competitor I thought working for a local target store would be perfect. Has anyone here ever heard if thats even possible?
Im in inbound anyway, so my job is to unload and recieve trucks all day, so why not unload and recieve trucks at a store?
Technically, as a TM, you can work at any store as long as your hours are billed correctly via HR.

Realistically, you're only allowed to work at one location at a time, unless there's a dire need elsewhere (cash office issue, SFT coverage, etc).
Also, I believe you'd still be topped out at 40 hours total from anywhere you worked for Target, no overtime(storeside anyways).
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