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Jul 21, 2012
My store is remodeling right now and we have some registers that are closing to go under renovation.

Last night we shut down 3 of our registers. The closing GSTL took out the money of the closing registers but did not put new start funds in. Thus leaving me with 3 extra start funds in the morning. I put the three start funds aside in the morning so I could match the "system-closed no action required" number of registers. Our advance amount is not changing during the remodel so I still needed to create 20 start funds for the next sales date. So CP4000 still thinks that all 20 registers are open and the the 3 start funds are in the closed registers.

With the 3 extra start funds that are not in their registers they were supposed to be put in last night I just pretended that they were actually in the register today like they were supposed to be and I ended up with no adjustments.

I'm new to cash office (this is about my 10th time alone) and wondering if anyone had any ideas how I should proceed tomorrow.

I was thinking that if the registers come up as "system-closed no action required" that I should have the right amount (20) start funds tomorrow because the 3 extra start funds will just be transferred to the safe.

If the registers keep coming up as needing counts I think I will just have to keep the 3 extra start funds (because we are unable to put them in) until the registers are reopened.

Like I said, I'm fairly new to cash office so I'm not entirely familiar with the system so I'm not sure how the system will interpret the closed registers.

Any opinions or advice is appreciated!
During our remodel last summer, 6 registers were being relocated & we did the same thing. After a while, we bundled the startfunds for those registers, labeled them for "regs xx-xx" & kept them on the top shelf in the safe. When counting, we merely listed the standard $150.00 fund (1-$20, 3-$10s, 10-$5s & 50-$1s) & it kept the system in balance. CSA will see that there is no trans activity but keeping the funds set aside will help you keep your balances straight.
Once the registers were set up & operational, we rebanked them with the bundled funds.
Caveat: Don't count them when you do your safe shelf count as they are already included in your loc counts & your daily advances.
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