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corporate pricing visit

Dec 30, 2011
So I just found out that next week I will be receiving a Corporate Pricing visit. The visitors will include my Group Pricing and Compliance Specialist (whom luckily I have a great business partnership with), the Regional Pricing Manager, and the Store Pricing and Compliance Business Partner (who is from Minnesota). I have to admit, I am excited for this visit because it's high profile visits in which one can truly show the knowledge and Passion for the position, and yes, I will be involved in the walk....I always lead the visit walk when my Group Pricing and Compliance Specialist comes for her quarterly visit. I have already informed my ETL and STL that I will be flying around Tue store, ensuring everything is according to Best Practice, from zoning to signing, and that there aren't any Weights and Measures issues to be found. Luckily, I have my Tool Kit updated, including my Leadership Status. Keep your fingers crossed, cause I know I will be, that all goes well.