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I'm Lost! Covering Entertainment Specialist during leave need advice for revisions.

Nov 10, 2011
My store tends to tie and batch things on Sunday Morning for Mondays set and Tie and Batch street dates for Tuesdays set.

I know we sometimes set street date labels in books and just cover and flex until Tuesday. Does anyone do it differently?

Is there a right or wrong way to set revisions, or should i just set non street dates monday and leave a big workload for tuesday?
Jun 16, 2011
At my store, we(Plano) set books Monday night (we are an overnight team still) along with all the video game revs. New releases are tied by the dayside team on Monday, pulled and left in the stockroom, marked, until Tuesday morning when they have a guy come in at 6am to set & push. Sometimes we do the regular DVD revisions Monday night too, depending on if the dayside folks have been able to do them or not.
Nov 11, 2011
In my store, plano doesn't touch mmb or video game revisions. The electronics team handles them on Monday morning, flexes NR endcaps and someone comes in Tuesday morning to push and fill.
Nov 1, 2011
There really isn't a wrong or right way to set the new releases as long as the street date is kept and hours aren't being wasted. Store set up will vary. In my store, plano sets all the Tuesday revisions on Tuesday morning at 4 including video games. I handle all my own revisions and music pogs on monday and then come in on Tuesday to push and set up signs.