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Feb 17, 2012
Well first I'd like to say hello! I'm new to the forums after viewing anonymously:spiteful:

My question is about cross training and transfers:

I been with the company going on 4 months now and I honestly love it! I am currently a Flow TM and have expressed interest in cross training other departments to not only pick up hours, but be able to transfer. I recently moved across town and there is a Target a lot closer than the one I'm currently at. So maybe that said store isn't looking for any Flow atm, by cross training I can maybe snag a different gig elsewhere and hopefully a faster promotion.

Anyways, my ETL hasn't shown interest in cross training me elsewhere in the store. I've worked almost every department but Customer Services & Returns. Should I mention this to my GM or HR if my ETL won't help me get further in the company so to say? I know our Backroom, Plano, and Signing are always in dire need of members due to call outs, but they never approve my pick up a shift when I put one in.

I am not under any attendance issues or disciplinary problems. I would just like more hours and flexible with departments so I can move up in this company! Flow kinda gets old...Specially stocking HBA :excited:
Greetings and salutations.
It's possible that your ETL doesn't want to loose you (which kinda sucks but self interest is what it is) so you might want to ask other E's.
Find a department that is shorthanded and see if they need a body.
I was termed on Tuesday by HL ETL. The ETL that termed me has been the subject of several chat sessions. He is extremely abusive and rude. The HR person says that he is young and still learning. I was written up for a month old incident in which
I was screamed at for asking for a replacement blade.(Claimed that asking not to be spoken to in that manner was not best practice):huh: The ETL said that HR would call me because I requested a corporate call.
NO RESPONSE. The STL had to intervene with previous manager for abusive language. I am giving as little info as I can because I dont want the blowback from them.

Any Advice would help.

I would talk to other etl and ask for more hours as they come available,if your etl does not want to loose you he will change his attitudes and make sure you get the hours from him.This has worked for me in the past.
Talk to your ETL-GE or GSTL(s) and let them know you're looking for some additional hours if they become available. There's bound to be a few callouts every week between cashiers and cart attendants!
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