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Sep 30, 2011
Could anyone give me a run down on how much theirs cost and what coverage they have?

I'm interested in snagging coverage since Delta provides orthodontic coverage over 19 in my state, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg for $1800 that my parents could cover anyway.
Jun 8, 2011
8.00 a month.
here is a link:
also, you maybe able to use 2 insurance plans to for your dental work. i got dental insurance at my 2nd job & ck with my dentist. they could do it.

How does Coordination of Benefits work when dental coverage is provided by two or more dental
A. Coordination of Benefits (cob) applies to the payment of dental care benefits when a team member is covered
by two or more dental plans. Delta Dental coordinates the insurance benefits between the two plans: the
primary plan, which pays your claim first, and the secondary plan, which pays the claim next. If Target is the
secondary plan, it will pay the difference between the amount the Target plan allows and the amount already
paid by the primary plan. For example, if the Target plan would have paid $300 as the amount allowed, and
your primary plan paid $300, then the Target plan will not pay an additional benefit.
Delta Dental will coordinate benefits up to the allowed amount for participating dentists and up to the billed
amount for non-participating dentists. Please consult your dental plan’s Summary Plan Description (SPD) for
additional information on how COB works.
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