Archived Did anyone have people show up at midnight on WEDNESDAY!?

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Jul 11, 2011
While I was working my other job I heard a sister city give out a call for a group of unruly people in the parking lot of the Target, upset that the flier stated the opened on "Midnight Tonight!" (Obviously not reading the part that says "Closed Thanksgiving" And "We're open at 08:00 AM Saturday!" for the "2 DAY AD".

Anyhow, did anybody show up at your store?

I can't believe some people. And then cause a problem big enough that the employees had to call the police! Jeeze!

On a side note, Happy Thanksgiving and have fun working, I go in at 00:00 B)
I left at 6 yesterday and I was surprised that we had nobody at that time,I am sure we had a line started by midnight,I have to wonder why.Back in at 11 tonight.
I just came back from work... and people are starting to line up at 2pm. :girl_impossible:
When I left Thursday morning there wasn't anyone in line. When I came in Thursday night the line was wrapped around the store.
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