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Sep 30, 2013
Here's the situation: I'm currently a pharmacy tech at Target and I'm going to be moving about 25 minutes away in the near future. There's a Target much closer to where I'll be and I started putting the wheels in motion to transfer a few weeks ago. I went on the stores website, saw an opening for pharmacy tech and applied. I let my HR person know, let my pharmacist and team lead know as well.

So apparently the store has e-mailed my pharmacist and things are moving. Last I heard is that we're just waiting to hear back from the new store.

But, like a dum dum, I didn't do my homework and have heard from just about everybody that this new store sucks - it's busier, the clientele is worse, etc. That, combined with the fact that I started about 6 months ago and am becoming attached to my co-workers, is beginning to make me think 'maybe a 25 minute commute isn't so bad...' I plan on visiting the store sometime in the next few days and checking it out for myself, but right now I'm assuming that everybody who has given me their two cents isn't totally wrong/a liar.

My question is: is it out of my hands at this point? Or can I still decide I want to stay?

I'm not complaining - like I said, it's my own dumb fault for not doing my due diligence. Just hoping I can still back out.
Mar 19, 2014
I would totally visit the other store asap and check it out. Maybe you will have a different opinion other than what you've already been told. Maybe you will really HATE the 25 min commute. (I would. I live about 7 min from my store.)
If you change your mind come up with a really good excuse as to why you've changed your mind. Even if they've transferred you over in the system, you can go through the process again and transfer back.
Or, you could possible pick up shifts at the store in question and try it out. As long as your store writes off your hours to them , it's all good. See if you can be support help for a bit.
I know there are stores surrounding my store that you could NOT pay me enough to work at. lol


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Feb 19, 2014
A worker at my store put in for a transfer, it was approved and she was set to go. She changed her mind last minute though and decided to stay. The ETL said she is lucky to even have her job still because they said once the transfer was approved she technically could have been booted out the door.


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Jun 10, 2011
We had a guy transfer to a store in another state.
He drove down, worked there two days, got in a fight with the girl he had moved to live with and showed up at our store the fourth day.
He called from our store to quit at other store.
We took him back because he was a very good worker.
Nobody could stay in the freezer as long as he did.
His name tag said SubZero.
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