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Do NOT text me

Discussion in 'Leadership' started by tellmeaboutatime, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. At some point in time it has become routine for the ETLs in my current location to text their TLs about work. NO! Stop it! When I haven't replied to your first 15 texts what makes you possibly think I am going to respond now. If it is urgent, stress the word urgent here, call me. When I am home I don't think about work. As a matter of fact I am probably drinking something lovely to forget about it. I leave great communication, and tie up all loose ends before leaving each day. Today I received a text about what my focus should be tomorrow. WTF? Send me an email. Or how about reading the email I sent before I left that laid out what I had planned for the next day and guess what, it is identical to what you texted me. Now they suggest I keep my teams phone numbers so I can call them to see if they are willing to come in extra. No No No. ETLS are salaried and they can text other salaried people all day long. I am hourly and you can bet your sweet behind I am paid for each text or phone call I respond to. But I shouldn't have to. This is so wrong, When I am not there leave me the hell alone. I do not have a Bullseye tattooed on my ass!
  2. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Be firm, and tell them. Also, every text that is not about the schedule (like can you come in?) you punch correct for 15 minutes. They all know this. Look at your texts for the past week, add them up, and do a punch correction for add hours or work away from store. Should stop it pretty quickly, especially if it puts you in OT.
  3. This and it works.
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  4. If you are not salaried they shouldn't be texting you. I don't even want them texting me asking me to come in etc. I have a phone number call it . If you are off the clock you are off the clock. Spot is so worried about meal compliance but yet they do crap like this. Like someone else stated I would start doin g punch corrections until they get the hint and stop it .
  5. I refuse to use my personal phone for ANY Target business until Target starts to pay for my phone and/or bill. They can't provide us with enough actual store equipment to do our actual jobs, our CEO makes plenty of money, and they want us to pay for communication and to help guests? Nope.
  6. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    This nailed it. Screenshot every text and then do a 15 min punch correction everytime.

    Only one reason anyone can call or text you - the schedule. Everything else PC

    Its in the handbook!
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  7. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    I admire you for that. I am surprised no one has taken Target to court when at huddles we tell cashiers to use their personal phone for guest on cartwheel or sales floor to use Target.com to see if we sell something without a mydevice.

    My father on law is an on call physician. His job reimburses him for using his personal phone. Target gives us nothing
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  8. LUR99

    LUR99 GSTL

    What others have said, do a punch correction for 15 minutes. When my ETL texts me, he tells me to do a punch correction.
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  9. Oh i do a punch correction everytime I answer the phone. Last week I had 3 hours of OT due to phone calls!
    The thing that bothers me most is that this has become the norm in this store.
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  10. SilentCrow

    SilentCrow SrTL Logistics Flow

    Same has been happening to me. I'm claiming my phone on taxes too. We're encouraged to use our phone to look up items that don't have barcodes and cartwheel for guest. Ummm then Target should be paying for my phone.

    My ETL is always texting us and it's annoying. I tend to ignore it. I'm glad someone mentioned the PC thing. I had no idea you could do that. These texts about to stop now lol.
  11. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Yeah I actually want to challenge corporate on this. I wont lol but if I had 5 minutes with Cornell I would give him an earfull. And the 10% discount with Sprint doesnt cut it for me.
  12. RhettB

    RhettB I've forgotten more than many young ETLs know.

    Reply, then do a punch correction. If your ETL complains about the punch correction, you can mention that working off the clock is not allowed.
  13. I agree with you said, it so aggravating to come in and find there's no equipment to do your job, but yet they still expect you to do it.
  14. With phone calls, texts and actually staying late last week, 22 hours of OT! In one day I had 10 separate texts and 2 phone calls. I told my exec when I left today where I was at for the week with hours, he just laughed.
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  15. heck even my stl refused giving out his personal cell until he was given a store issued phone. he's happy to give out that #
  16. sabria

    sabria Savor The Love

    As mentioned above - all ETL's know (or definitely should know) they shouldn't be contacting anyone except other ETLs/STL/other salaried management outside of work about work. The only exception being to use the store phones to call TM's about covering shifts/following up on missed shifts/call-ins.

    I unfortunately DO get the joy of doing a lot of work related text/email communication outside of work but it's what I'm paid for.
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  17. pinkp2ie

    pinkp2ie Electronics TM

    ETLs don't text me and won't text me.... they get mad when I don't pick up the phone though. It's kind of like reading all your guys story's like we shouldn't use our phone, I see so many TMs including TLs using it for work including me. Shouldn't have to damn well, and waiting at the door constantly in the morning as well is ridiclous. I wish TMs including myself had the balls to do all those punch corrections lol
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  18. I have two TM's who have asked me to text instead of call if I need them to pick up a shift, so I have. But I would never text them anything else about work.
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  19. It is not balls to do those punch corrections, it is what is right. You shows up on time. You should be paid for that time. They want to not let you in, so be it but they should pay you for it.
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  20. consume

    consume 凸(-_-)凸

    Don't reply to them