Archived Do you enjoy the work you do at Target?

Do you enjoy the work you do at Target?

  • Yes, I enjoy the duties I perform

    Votes: 48 64.0%
  • I do not feel one way or the other about my duties

    Votes: 13 17.3%
  • No, I dislike the duties I perform

    Votes: 14 18.7%

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Formina Sage

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May 15, 2011
Give your opinion on what you do on a daily basis: do you like it or not?
I have good days & may have a bad day every now & then. when those bad days happen, I start to laugh at myself & say another day at tar-j! Then I go zone the worse zoning areas, do clearance/ptm's, or do a bunch of salesplanners with setting & pulling items myself. Physical labors or challgenes are always a good workout for me. It keeps the stress factors down.
Side note, I like the forum being a place to vent too!
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Our district had a Stores Assurance visit this week from Corporate. With that, my store's former GE called my store up and asked if a few of us would be able to come and help him out with various things. Working for him was always fun, and I was glad to do it again. Endcaps, signing, backroom work, and even covered some GSTL breaks. It was such a chance of pace from my store where things have become one slow day after another.

This week, I enjoyed my work.
Next week, probably not so much.
I enjoy my duties because I make things enjoyable for myself. Yes I have bad days, but most of the time I am able to literally turn my frown upside down.

I wouldn't be able to work at Target if I hated the place. My positive attitude reflects on my co-workers and it makes the work environment excellent.
By in large I like the work although there are aspects that are crazy making. There are some nice things about being the only person who does the work I do.
Like MrMrIce said, I wouldn't be able to work if I hated it. Then again, I'm in the fortunate position where I don't have to work, I do it because I want to. My store was hiring for multiple positions when I applied and I ONLY applied for Pharm. Tech. because I couldn't imagine doing the other jobs...I'd get bored and probably wouldn't have lasted very long...
My way of looking at my job it keeps me very busy and it's a job were my time goes by fast ... Yes it has it's perks but what job does not their no job were stress is not felt it just learning how to manage it and not letting it control your life ... If it starts to it's time for u to find another job
I appreciate it, but this month (aka back-to-school month) is just insane. Way too busy, even at nights, and for myself is picking up most of the slack bcus its the same scheduled hours (and next week its gonna be less). So Target needs to do us a favor and stop bsing around, they have tons of money in the world and they are still cutting back workers.

But what I do like is keeping it real with my co-workers, they all have a positive attitude as we help eachother cope with the craziness, some better then others, but some just go crazy and demand things that are out of reach. Regardless, I do hope we can still work hard in these tough days.
I used to love my job. Disorganization and lack of communication seem to have escalated to an all time high. I don't love my job anymore.
As HLM said, some days I enjoy my work. Others I could chainsaw through a shopping cart with my teeth. Fortunately, the good days are outweighing the bad (so far).
I love my job, it is challenging and the people I work with are great. I have my bad days like everyone else, but that would be the same everywhere I go.
"Do you enjoy the work you do at Target?" -- interesting question

First off -- we ( SFT / SBS ) function on a totally different level than anyone else in any store :disappoint:

Mechanically and electrically - I can do anything and everything related to a store :thumbsup:

What I am allowed to do - short of holding a CFC or electricians license is a joke :rolleyes:

Besides the mundane preventive maintenance stuff - I can and do save target money in outside vendor's coming in

What cracks me up is the "Process" of what they have and want me to do.

A typical ETL who has 3 years ( ? ) of collage and helped his Uncle Bob sweep a floor on a construction site for one summer - gives him the intelligence to hold a masters degree in every building trade imaginable
Now trys to tell me how to preporm a task

This is the best entertainment in the world

I love my job
I always give 100% when I work, and I take pride in doing good work :thumbsup:
I put I do not enjoy my job... mainly because even though I know my job is important, it can feel very boring and at times (even if I am scanning alot) I feel lazy because "physically" it is so easy! I would rather be doing more physical work, throwing trucks or working in the backroom than doing stuff like Instocks and Pricing... which to me feel like they last forever! I am not saying they aren't important, just requires alot of patience...
Rock, be patient. You will be ok & proactive. Try figuring out a better way doing it. I know you can do it.
I like my job. I am good at my job. But I dislike the direction the company is going. The older I get the more concerned I am about how long I will actually have a job. Target is not an age friendly company. Look at any News to Use and you may see 1 person in leadership over 40, the rest are all much, much younger.
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