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Does Target have the same rivalry Walmart does with Online Fulfillment vs. The Rest of the Store?

Mar 2, 2017
Ok, so at Walmart, throughout the company (as I have seen on r/Walmart), there is a rivalry between Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) and the rest of the store.

The rest of the store resents all the attention given to OGP, new TCs (WM MyDevices) and Printers, being pulled from their departments to help OGP, etc.

Is it the same at Target?
Apr 30, 2019
Really good question. I've often wondered if part of why our store's front end equipment (i.e. malfunctioning registers, PIN pad readers, self-checkout machines) gets neglected.

Also, sometimes guests become annoyed when the Target-dot-com price is lower than the in-store price. I explain it's NOT a mistake. Though part of Target, dot-com is a competitor selling a few items as "loss leaders" to grab market share. Dot-com prices are eligible for price match if the guest asks, but sometimes guests remain puzzled. I usually just say, think of it like a football game between rival schools from the same state (such as Oregon State Beavers vs Oregon Ducks).


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Aug 4, 2017
No. At my store, however, they experimented with having the front end do OPU for about a year before spinning it back to GM (I do miss those good, good steps). A lot of folks typically scheduled for it transferred to GM.


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Mar 17, 2017
I'm a year gone, but the only time I saw such things were Q4 when the seasonal OPU/SFS couldn't find their nose to wipe it and that put sales floor in the scary state of do their job or lead around the seasonals hand in hand.
Jun 30, 2020
I've worked at both stores. Target uses the same equipment for scanning and everything else that is used for fulfillment is allocated for fulfillment. Target is good with sharing.

Walmart puts too much stock into OGP because it cannot fail. They see their main competition to be Amazon and want to remain competitive in grocery. Target doesn't want any department to fail, so it will move resources to support the ones that need the most help. Walmart is a mess. People kept stealing my cart when I was a CAP 1, got mad when I connected to the only printer in the area for one label, and kept leaving broken devices in the machine. People kept trying to screw others over. OGP was like the spoiled kids clique. OPU at Target were cool except for the couple of cokeheads I've run into at some stores. OPU at my store were all nice.