1. N

    How many concurrent drive-ups can 1 TM handle? 2? 3?

    This will vary depending on the kinds of orders you're getting and whether the guests give you enough time, but what would you say is, on average, the number of people in the queue (including both arriving and arrived) that can be handled by 1 TM? How about 2? 3? When I worked drive-ups, I felt...
  2. A

    Drive up

    It is so annoying when a guest comes to the guest services desk to pick up their drive up order because they "had to come in and grab a few things anyway". Ugh. .. I just want to tell them. , Go park in the drive up area and push the " I'm on the way and I'm here button" and wait for drive up...
  3. T

    Service & Engagement Drive Up Time

    What are the chances corporate is going to adjust the Drive Up time?* Who came up with 2 minutes and why? We used to do pretty well being under 2 minutes but now we are getting giant orders, the number of orders has increased, and we have the same number of people to prep orders and run them out...
  4. A

    Drive-up idea

    Drive-up idea. Drive-ups are growing at an incredible rate and with winter coming they are expected to grow by 3 times. Obviously with more drive-ups comes more chaos. Right now the drive-up system is unorganized and inefficient which means change has to happen. While I can’t change the system I...
  5. S

    OPU freezers and coolers.

    Does your store have OPU freezers and coolers? My store recently got them. They are at the front wall of the store by the cash registers. They have "team members only" signs on them.
  6. K


    Hi! I’m new to here but I’ve been with Target a year. I do pretty much everything but soft lines and AP. I’m 24 and I have bipolar, adhd, anxiety, depression, and type2 narcolepsy. 😬 Target has been pretty enjoyable 6/7 days! I also have a service dog 🐕‍🦺 she’s neat! I don’t bring her to work...
  7. D

    Drive up and Storms

    I know it's come up a few times, but I've never seen it answered. How do you turn off drive up during severe thunder storms? There have to be a way. In a kind world, guests would patiently wait until the danger has past, but we all know that they can be selfish assholes. If the cart attendant...
  8. O

    Non-dry groceries now available for pick up?

    I thought I saw something about Target now offering non-dry grocery items for pick up? If so, where are they being stored fot pick up?
  9. OGP Girl

    Answered Does Target have the same rivalry Walmart does with Online Fulfillment vs. The Rest of the Store?

    Ok, so at Walmart, throughout the company (as I have seen on r/Walmart), there is a rivalry between Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) and the rest of the store. The rest of the store resents all the attention given to OGP, new TCs (WM MyDevices) and Printers, being pulled from their departments to...
  10. Dream Baby

    Minimum order for an OPU and/or Drive Up

    Why doesn't Spot require a minimum order or $25 or higher for these orders? In my store I have filled numerous orders far less than $10. For example I did an order of three boxes of Cheez-Its.
  11. GhostShrimp

    Time to pick up my Drive Up

    Time to pick up my Drive Up
  12. H

    I'm Lost! Drive ups

    Is anyone else dying because of drive ups? We had 8 people picking and running out drive ups for almost 3 hours straight yesterday. It’s been INSANITY over there so I am trying to get some pointers from anyone willing to give them so that I can take them to my SETL. I really would like to have a...
  13. D

    Drive up TMs

    How many tips have you gotten and/or refused? At my store, we have to refuse them. I've had several people trying to give me a $20.
  14. S

    How's your OPU remodel coming along?

    For stores that are condensing CB1/Trendspot. How's it going so far? Doesn't seem too bad although CB1 shrank more than I thought it would. I'm a little hesitant to recycle our overhead frames but I really don't have the space to keep them anyways.
  15. U

    I'm Lost! order pick ups!

    long story short, my store is creating new locations for our OPUs. is there any way to change hold locations for already existing orders? we used to be able to do it in the PDAs.
  16. PogDog

    Archived New trailers

    We've been receiving the new delivery trucks recently (the ones with Spot illustrated on the sides and back). There's a noticeable difference compared to the old 6-panel trucks. They're taller (maybe by 6"). They're deeper (about a foot or more), our extension belt stops right at the metal...
  17. S

    Archived Seems there's a new delivery partner.

    I had an online order come today on a Sunday via a service called Deliv instead of UPS or the mail. It seems to be similiar to Amazon's delievery contractors, except they service multiple companies. https://www.deliv.co/ Just thought this'd be useful information to you all.
  18. R

    Archived OPU Comparison

    I ordered from WallMart, and their system is so much smoother. The communications are much clearer. The barcode comes in an email. And pickup is automated. They beat us. No question!
  19. R

    Archived OPU Comparison

    I ordered from WallMart online, and their system is just so much easier to use than ours. The instructions are clearer. The barcode comes in an email. Even pickup was automated. They have us beat!
  20. Endlessbackstock

    Drive up out of control

    I noticed it today on the walkie for the first time that things were getting pretty bad with the drive up. It was around 10:30am and guest service started calling in the walkie when the horn went off on my Zebra four times in 5 minutes. She said I need help with drive ups. No one responded...