1. T

    Fulfillment ruins everything

    Fulfillment is shady as hell. They mess up the backrooms, they block the walkways, and they put the orders in the wrong wacos.
  2. animalcrossing

    Ridiculous OPUs

    I'm surprised nobody has done this before (or maybe they have and I won't know because the search feature isn't working) but I want to see the absolute stupidest OPUs you all have gotten. I think the funniest I got once was a Balloon Time helium tank and condoms...Dumbest would have to go to...
  3. E

    Winter Drive Ups

    How do you deal with drive ups when carts can’t get through the snow? Please post pics of your methods so we can all get ideas
  4. E

    Requirements to close drive up/store

    I work at a store that’s in an area that’s getting a ton of snow and am wondering What’s the number to call to find out if you have to work when scheduled? I assume it’s my job to find out if the store is closed or not. They won’t tell me I have to find out myself. What are the conditions...
  5. E

    How does drive up work when you’re going out the fire door?

    My store is either almost done or done with remodel. Part of the remodel was moving drive ups closer to the parking lot section. We can’t have the door open when someone is out there. They have to announce that they’re coming in on the walkie. Any way to prevent that from happening?
  6. E

    OPU far from guest services

    My store had its OPU moved to a new location pretty far from guest services. How do you communicate an order is ready to be picked up by someone? Right now we are using walk-in channels 1-4 to talk but it’s getting annoying for others to hear that all day.
  7. UboatOfDeath

    Wtf are Order Pick Ups?

    Forgive my ignorance, but apparently my shift at target has been changed or rather is in the process of being changed I'm still a overnight "inbound" team member... But my store wants me to do "pulls" and order pick ups? I legit hate the backroom and any backroom duties with a passion so I...
  8. R

    Can I get in trouble for not bagging an OPU?

    Hi, this was my first time doing any type of fulfillment and I think it went okay but by the time I got done with picking everything I was about to hit compliance. I don’t normally do this job in my store and I’m always in the back room. The leader who asked me to help do one said I can do one...
  9. S

    Fulfillment down for anyone else?

    Has anyone else been having issues with fulfillment, ours has been down almost all week now. ETL/SD both say it has been a company wide issue, but I’m not hearing that from other stores…
  10. M

    Got fired after 6 weeks due to performance- hoping to get rehired

    Hi- Target fulfillment was my first job ever. I was really slow at completing carts. I asked for feedback but they always said, you are slow but improving. Then one day they said I wasn't improving fast enough and fired me. They allowed me to finish my shift but said when I clock out that was...
  11. F

    Where's the pickup app??

    Where do you go not to pick orders for fulfillment I don't see the pick app like before??
  12. N

    OPU/DU and payroll

    Simply put, OPUs and DUs take a lot of people-hours, we don't charge for them, we're very fast, and they are a growing share of our sales. We're not given the payroll to compensate for this, from what I can tell. Look at Fulfillment or Service Advocate on the daily grid (for a somewhat busy...
  13. H


    I'm curious on what the difference is. Why would this item not be eligible for order pickup at my store, but eligible at the one down the road with only 1 left? I know we have at least 2 left and it's not in an audit task.
  14. D

    OPU expert to do pth/stowing only

    Are other stores having one person doing all the stowing of orders/put to hold. My store is getting this update. The flex TM will pass the cart to the OPU expert who will stow the orders while the flex tm moves onto the next batch. I'm just wondering how this is working out for other stores
  15. D

    OPU speed

    They are having me do OPUs more. I made my closing TL teach me about a year ago. Since then I've pulled batches here and there, slowly building up how often, but now I am doing them daily. It's almost like I'm scheduled for them without being scheduled for them. Now, I'm becoming aware of my...
  16. S

    You think your Drive Up is bad...

    Imagine having 32 spots, a dedicated door and wing, overflow and it's still not enough.
  17. D

    Drive Up Notifications

    For whatever reason about 3/4th of our devices no longer make any notification at all for drive ups. Our times aren’t the best but we can’t tell without someone being near if the guest service team has a workable device. Does anyone know how to fix it. Nothing makes sense when I have looked...
  18. N

    Drive Up app changes?

    I'm hearing drive up app for some stores is changing so that one team member can only scan in one order at any one time, and other tms will have to remove or de-assign another tm from an order if they are going to take it out themselves. Anybody know what this is about? Or have more info? Seems...
  19. Q

    Waco Audits for OPU

    Any fulfillment tls have a good system of auditing Waco’s for unlocated items that get missed in RTS? I’ve been having issues specifically in the grocery Opu section with products not getting pulled in rts & just sitting unlocated for days. Any advice would be appreciated thank you!!
  20. R

    Can you delete old OPU hold locations?

    We think our store might have some old cold/frozen grocery OPU hold locations that still exist. We are under the impression that grocery OPU’s are supposed to stop dropping once the fridge locations are full, but ours never stop and our fridges are almost always extremely full. When we first...