Drive Up ideas

Sep 30, 2022
I have a few ideas for drive up that I think would really help when TMs

  • Scan a cart when preparing an order so another TM can take it and doesn’t have to scan everything again (this would be optional)
  • If they double tap they should get a warning to not do it and wait 3 minutes before the clock starts or until can say they’re here. Charge fees if they keep doing it
  • Similar to fulfillment the ability to see what TM/TMs are currently working DU
  • Time slots?
Not that I practice this myself but it’s best practice to scan every bag only when the guest arrives for order accuracy reasons so Target won’t go for #1.
#2 has been beat to death on this forum and elsewhere. Target won’t go for that. Guest first. Right now they get a gentle reminder and I’m surprised they even get that.