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  1. V

    Reusable bags

    Got a pallet of them. Does anyone know what they're for? They're not for sale. Guest service nor flex knows anything about them.
  2. W

    I forgot to close three registers!!?

    Last night the closer who normally deals with closing all the registers called out and on top of that… the closing lead wasn’t too knowledgeable about closing any of the registers. I know how to close lanes, I have done it many times BUT that day happened to be really busy and short staffed… so...
  3. lrou98

    Target pays to keep returns

    I wasn't able to find anything on this site about this. Storewide, there is a surplus of inventory especially in Style and Homegoods. So if a guest returns something, they can keep it plus get a credit or money back. There is a dollar limit but idk what it is. My TL mentioned it briefly in a...
  4. T

    Protection plans offered on disposable razors and hot wheels cars.

    Very strange.
  5. Ringwraith917

    Refund without return?!!!

    This just came across my news feed. "In some instances, when they determine it would be easier, some retailers advise customers to just keep or donate their return after issuing a refund." And here I thought no amount of...
  6. daemon

    Time to regularly check our card readers.

    Ive seen many smaller readers have new facias put on them to skim cards but I thought the bulkyness of our reader and its keypad would make it harder. Saw this in a coub video today (it is totaly not a normal video for the site, too. Mostly music video comps) and was like "That's the reader we...
  7. T

    Do our numbers work at all targets?

    Recently we’ve been having guests at selfcheckout input someone’s numbers and access the store checkout mode. For the most part everyone at my store uses a speed ID (but obviously someone could have still did it manually) so I was just wondering could they have used someone else’s numbers from...
  8. C

    Worried i may get fired for this.

    So today , on the cashier I'm pretty sure I got scammed. This couple had a total of $1,423 , but 417 of it was Visa gift cards. Anyway she gave me all of it in cash. At one point I counted $ 1,300. After that she took all the money back and started counting it out. I saw her doing it and...
  9. IWishIKnew

    "SCO" in regular checklanes?

    I had lunch with a friend today, who said she went to a store and their SCOs were on regular checklanes, just with no cashier and the POS set to SCO. Is this a pilot or a new thing or just a weird store being weird? My friend is a reliable narrator and she wouldn't confess to being confused...
  10. C

    Audio cues on pos are needed.

    When POS needs attention (request a guests ID, wrong barcode, scanning while logged out, squaretrade it would be nice to hear a beep (or something) from the computer letting you know something out of the ordinary happened.
  11. jackandcat

    To be or not to be? Is the front end being called "Guest Services" again?

    Corporate seems to be using the term "Guest Services" in their messages, as well as signage for the Child Booster Seat promotion. "Guest Services" is also the name used in our Target Phone system. It wasn't that long ago we were told NOT to say "Guest Services", that our section was Service &...
  12. T

    Your store pushing loyalty Lately?

    Mine is, but so many guests do not want ANYTHING to do with circle.
  13. T

    New G4S process?

    Anyone else switch to the new G4S process, where the cash office TM removes the bank deposit from the machine instead of the courier doing so? I was wondering because all of my cash office TMs are complaining that they have to use 1 deposit bag for each side of the machine, using 2 deposit bags...
  14. T

    Digital coupon scammers

    So long back story sorry the scammers who make a purchase with digital coupons came in to do the return to get the cash as usual. At my store we make sure to give them the return back on a gift card ONLY even if it says some it is cash since they just show the barcode and they have to prove...
  15. T

    Drive up/order pickup issues

    What issues can= cause a store to lose money in drive up/order pick u9p? IS IT team members or guests faults?
  16. Jasonpark85


    Hi, I am a target team member as a cashier. I have a question. Story first. I have high functioning autism and mental health issues and problems. this incident happened on Friday night 2/28/22. I was the only cashier at the check lane and there were a very long line of guests waiting to check...
  17. T

    Does your store line bust?

    I understand that my store is one of the smaller targets around, but our TLs recently have been really pushing for TMs on cashier to line bust even when it’s super slow. I just don’t think line busting is really that effective in “line busting” being on an actual register is more efficient...
  18. D

    djk1026 1 minute ago #10 Is anyone having a problem using the discount with the new SCO software?

    djk1026 1 minute ago #10 Is anyone having a problem using the discount with the new SCO software?
  19. D


    I know a lot of it ends up in places like the goodwill, but before it gets there, do people have to sort it or anything? Does someone scan those dumb stickers after the stuff leaves the store? If they do, I feel really sorry for them because they can be anywhere on the items from our GS dept...