front end

  1. pinkfish

    I am so done...

    Let me start by saying that as someone who works at the front end of the store, the job itself is manageable and fairly easy to do and besides the occasional asshole customer, it's whatever. My issue is quite literally everything else that has been going on and it all started when I first began...
  2. D


    What scores are considered average, below average, and failing for market when ecolab comes? About what percentage of stores score in each category, and is a perfect score attainable?😳
  3. B

    Service & Engagement Loyalty Captain?

    I hope this is the right place for this! I've never heard the captain terms at work before, but after expressing interest in my workplace development, my team lead brought up being a captain. I have an idea of what it means, what the requirements are, but now it's up to me to try and find ways...
  4. Loading

    Suspicious Returns

    Anyone ever tried to return an item and after scanning the receipt and the first item, POS asks for GSTL override code? I've had a string of these returns lately and they have all been sketchy...
  5. R

    How to submit Change Requests for ePick

    It looks like ePick was updated recently and my store is struggling with some of the changes. Does anyone know how to submit a change request to the development team like I see in the My Day app thread? Specifically, I’d like to request changes to the new Grocery OPU item picking sequence...
  6. A

    Am I being treated badly?

    I posted a previous thread about being a front of store attendant but I’m having more issues. I have only ever been taught to do carts and cashiering. When I was first hired I was told that I’d be working as a greeter and in guest service along with sometimes pushing carts and doing cashier but...
  7. F


    How do requisition stuff on the new POS can you all of ours has the new POS except our GS computers and we can’t figure how to requisition stuff
  8. V

    POS Supervisor Perms

    Out of genuine curiosity. Is your store strict on who is considered a supervisor on the POS? Like at my store they basically just give it out like it’s nothing.
  9. A

    New POS

    The new system sucks. Whoever is making this needs to fix it up. Clearly you guys don’t work in the stores so you guys don’t understand what the system really needs. First you need to fix it’s speed. This system is so slow it’s impressive honestly. It shouldn’t take 2 minutes just to load the...
  10. jackandcat

    Service & Engagement Self-checkout social distancing -- or lack thereof

    Our guests are very compliant with mask wearing rules, but they seem clueless about social distancing at self checkout. This gets particularly bad when a guest needs help with an age-restricted ID or other assistance. You would assume with all the COVID guidelines our guests shouldn't have to...
  11. Duval Dawg

    More useless garbage

    At my store and I think it’s happened at other stores, They now put new handles with cup holders on the carts and we now have a limit on carts because they will slide off the machine meaning more work for us. I know it’s not managements idea from my knowledge but what pisses me off is this...
  12. A

    POS fix

    When I turn on one of the computers the computer starts turning on then after like 20 seconds a message comes up saying no boot drive is found please insert a usb and press any key to continue. Does anybody know how to fix the pos when this happens? That isn’t the exact message but does anybody...
  13. A

    How to deny a suspicious return

    If a guest is doing a return but something seems faulty about the return, is there a way to deny the return?
  14. S

    How do you check gift card balance on touch screen register?

    Never tried it on a touch screen register. Where is this option?? Guest asked and I was clueless.
  15. jackandcat

    "Guest Advocate" divided into two job titles?

    When did Target change the job title "Guest Advocate" into two new titles, "Checkout Advocate" and "Service Advocate"? What is the difference? Is "Service Advocate" equivalent to the old GSA position? Is there a pay range difference?
  16. L

    SCO calling for backup

    Hello. So I am a guest advocate cashier and new working at Target and I've had a couple of experiences where I'll go on self checkout, usually to cover someone's break or lunch, and I'll be helping a guest with a request that would require me to step away for more than a minute. All of the...
  17. A

    Yeah, I'm a little salty

    As y'all know nepotism is a real thing at Target. Here's our situation: I work up front and I'm one of a few cashiers who have been taught how to "open" and "close" the front (real simple stuff) but we're a group that's also expected to play the role of Team Lead whether or not our actual team...
  18. U

    New POS has GOT to go!

    In all of my years on this planet I have NEVER encountered such a basket of bull as this new POS system. I would be so ashamed to be a part of the purchasing management team that implemented this so called "system" and I'd have laughed my way to tge bank if I were the company that sold them the...
  19. mizl

    Service & Engagement Fixture for new plastic bags

    How the heck do you hang these or use these?? We're managing at the checklanes but we just sort of... lay them out at SCO. Is ther a magnet peg I could use or something? Ugh.
  20. Angular Momentum

    Anyone have issues with the register computers today?

    All the registers decided to do weird things at once tonight. Many wouldn't print a receipt and got stuck on the "thank you" screen. When I say many i mean like 5, at once! And it happened multiple times during the day. 3 or 4 more refused to sign in... it would just re prompt you over and...