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  1. F

    Is anyone else's store getting rid of cart guys?

    My store recently merged the cart guy position (excuse me, FSA or whatever they're being called) with guest services. If you're hired for guest services, guess what, you are going to do carts at some point! We've lost 3 people in the last month to this nonsense. And I quote "this is not what I...
  2. J

    Got a final warning for being quick changed/scammed/short changed at the register

    This whole situation has been a lot to deal with. So - for the rest of my shift, (I work in food and beverage/market) I’m on register which, for the most part, isn’t that big of a deal as it breaks my shift down a bit. Two guests come to my lane and put their items on the conveyer belt (it was...
  3. jackandcat

    Service & Engagement Changes in return policy?

    My TL told me Friday that Target is implementing a rather drastic reduction of days allowed for guest product returns. Currently, most items can be returned within 90 days of purchase, with some exceptions (i.e. tech products 30 days, Apple products 14 days, special clothing-designer partnership...
  4. T


    Question for y'all. What day of the week is ESIM actually due by?
  5. J

    When will the Cash only SCO option be available for all stores?

    I remember on workbench it said it’ll launch for some stores starting January 18 - my store still doesn’t have it
  6. N

    Who is in Charge Anyway?

    We have been having a continuing problem with no one following the correct closing procedures and general cash handling procedures at my store. I am one of two-and-a-half cash office employees and for the last few years have noticed a concerning trend of being ignored when there are problems...
  7. S

    Loss prevention.

    I was in self checkout tonight and my child double scanned an item. I called the worker over to remove it and loss prevention quickly entered a red card into the reader, removed it and walked away quickly. Didn't interact with me at all. Then the team member proceeded to take the item off. I...
  8. J

    Do you need an expiration date when registering for tax exemption?

    lately I’ve had a lot of guests wanting to register for tax exemption because they’re shopping for a school or church etc, they come with a tax exempt form with all the information except the expiration date. When registering on the POS the expiration tab says “optional” but it isn’t optional...
  9. N

    A Message For Corporate

    I know corporate reads these forums, which is good in this case. I want them to read this, and to know how stupid their new price change restrictions are. Recently they added restrictions to the POS limiting what kinds of price changes you can make. The problem is that it isn't consistent, at...
  10. Guest Avocado

    Service & Engagement New SCO Pilot

    This was on Workbench/myDay communication last week. Starting October 1st, select stores are going to be testing out Self-Checkout converting to Express Self-Checkout, being 10 items or less only, just like the old Express Checklanes were before the wave of remodels in recent years. And as apart...
  11. StargazerOmega

    Question about Do Not Sell / Street-dated items.

    I know that a street-dated item automatically flags as such on the POS. Are street-dated items the same as do not sell items? Could they be? Or do they mean two different things?
  12. D

    Salvage and CRC

    When you are placing the CRC or salvage sticker on the item that you are defecting out, where do you place the sticker? I know the sticker is really important for CRC, but is it for salvage? I'd love to hear from someone who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt. Like did you see communication on...
  13. D

    RTS metric

    Most of us know they need to be done by 9 AM. Do ones that drop in at 8:47 count need to be done by 9 too? Is there any other way this metric can go red?
  14. E

    NGSCO ideas to make it easier to use

    For stores that have the NGSCO it has problems all the time. I have a few ideas that would make it easier for guests and team members Card only mode if there is an issue with either the coin or bill recycler you can't take cards unless you somehow get rid of the error which will popup again...
  15. E

    Why don't we get survey info on our receipts from another store?

    I understand why we don't get survey info on a receipt when we use our discount at our home store but why not other stores?
  16. D

    Drive up returns

    They are being piloted in some places already, I believe. What are you doing to help you with this? We will be starting this soon. I don't know if it is a nationwide rollout or just an expansion of the pilot.
  17. E

    POS new login methods

  18. Sushi2Go

    Are guests allowed to use their reusable bags as baskets?

    I'm not sure if Target has a policy regarding this. I feel like most people who are using their reusable bags as "baskets" are probably stealing. Do we tell them they can't do that? I've been seeing more people lately stuffing things in there bags and they're usually sketchy looking.
  19. Dream Baby

    Can AP ask anyone for a merchandise receipt?

    There has been someone hanging around electronics FOR HOURS playing video games all this week. The electronics TM mentioned to AP that he didn't see this person buy anything but all of sudden they Target bags in their cart (i.e Amigo). AP and the Night TL said he couldn't ask for the person's...
  20. jackandcat

    SCO Registers unable to accept cash

    Some SCO registers at Targets near ours - and including our store - no longer can accept cash payments. SCO registers can only accept credit/debit, SNAP/EBT, and Target giftcards. I'm told the register mechanisms and SCO software frequently malfunction while handling cash. Are your store's SCO...