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Exit Questionaire

Jan 21, 2020
I’m posting because I’m wondering if anyone else knows if I can modify my exit questionnaire. I just filled one out on Workday at the store then left.

I never really do these well on the spot. I sat in the Team Member Service Center on the computer for a while churning on the questionnaire, but sometimes my most constructive feedback comes with some reflection later. Some of it hit me on my drive home from the store.

Now, I’ve been playing around with WorkDay trying to figure out if I can edit the survey. Does anyone know if this is possible? Looks like I only have access until 11:45pm tonight. Thanks!
May 9, 2014
No. I was termed. I am guessing the exit survey is only if someone quits? I don't know much about HR. My former store has a revolving door on the HR office & hasn't ever had a really good HR ETL.
I’m so sorry. I know they’ve been after you for awhile.

I’m in Texas too. I’ve been gone from Target for quite awhile. I’m at Costco now and it’s so much better. Have you given them any consideration? Feel free to PM me.
btw they happily hire middle aged people. I’m in my late 50’s.