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  1. STA25UCKS


    What does FTE mean? in workday. Under job details.
  2. L

    Answered Someone HELP!!!!

    How Do You Request Off On Your PC At Home..... Someone HELP!!!!
  3. Kookie123

    Sales Floor Access Pay stubs (Former team member)

    Hi! It’s been a while since I visited this site but I came to ask how I access my paystubs. I no longer work at target and have no access to EHR. I was thinking of calling corporate and seeing if they can print me out my pay stubs and mail them to me. I tried emailing my old store by they don’t...
  4. F

    Target email address.

    I noticed on workday I now have a target email address. Any reason I have one?I’m never had one before and I’m not a lead although I recently applied for a lead position.
  5. J

    Answered Can I see my personal file?

    Am I allowed access to what has been said about me? Last year there were a couple of times I was given a verbal warning but when my evaluation came up the incidents were mentioned. Doesn’t seem like they were verbal.
  6. M

    requesting time off

    Is the only way to request time off from a computer at the location or can you do it from home? If so how do you do it?
  7. A

    Greenfield & Workday unavailable

    I am no longer able to view Greenfield or Workday from home. It keeps saying authentication failed. Is it still possible to view from home? Everything else I am still able to view such as pay and benefits.
  8. Mikuhl

    Learn about products and earn free rewards! (Accommodations Thread)

    There are many Learning Management Systems (LMS) that allow you to learn about products and they will accommodate your learning with prizes, gift cards, etc. These are more for Best Buy, Office Depot, and Staples, but Target team members can sign up and get rewards from (most of) them too! I...
  9. D

    Exit Questionaire

    I’m posting because I’m wondering if anyone else knows if I can modify my exit questionnaire. I just filled one out on Workday at the store then left. I never really do these well on the spot. I sat in the Team Member Service Center on the computer for a while churning on the questionnaire, but...
  10. Meebz

    Time off?

    Hey, I am a new seasonal employee and I need to gain knowledge on how to request time off
  11. A

    Confused about documentation

    After I coach a team member verbally,how long do I have to document it on the system to be valid still? I’ve been told from my Etl hr, I only have a couple weeks max, but it’s been almost a month and I wanted to know before hand if I can still do it,and if it’ll be valid.
  12. N

    Seasonal requesting days off

    ok so i’m working as a seasonal. on the paper they asked me about specific days i can work. so like usually around dec 28-jan 2 i go up to nyc because we have a celebration for my auntie passing due to her cancer. i was wondering will they give me those days off and i actually brought the ticket...
  13. D

    Time off requests.

    Since when did Target change when we can use vacation time? My SD told another TL she was required to work her off weekend since she took off her working weekend and that she can't use vacation time on weekends. We can only use Vacation time M-F? When did this policy change or is my SD just...
  14. C

    I'm Lost! Just wondering...

    Hey, I was just wondering if you were able to ask time off outside of work. Like, on your own computer at home. I don't work for a while and I don't plan on going to my store until I hae to work. I really need to ask for a day off, is there any way I can do that?
  15. B

    Who has access to our team account?

    Can a TL get on our account and change our availability or are we the only ones that can do that? Mine was all changed and I haven’t been on there.
  16. 7

    Can't log in to workday?

    I can't seem to be able to log in to work day but all of a sudden i just can't log in what so ever
  17. The Death King

    I'm Lost! Accessing Employee Portal From Home

    Is there a way to access the portal other than the workstations at Target to request time off and provide punch corrections?
  18. GlobalTL123

    I'm Lost! Direct deposit on workday

    Can you change it on the mobile app and how?
  19. K

    I'm Lost! How can you put in for time off on workday?

    I’m trying to get all my vacation time used before I put in my notice. A friend of mine quit and they won’t approve her for vacation on her last week and I don’t want them to screw me too. I know it’s done in work day now but I have no clue how to do it!
  20. S

    Changing direct deposit info

    Is there a way to change direct deposit info from home or can we do it at another Target? I'm on vacation but my bank account numbers were compromised so a new account was created. I really don't want to miss next week's paycheck and I won't be back in time to update account info