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Jun 2, 2012
A UA position has finally become available at my DC and I've got an interview for it coming up. What are some questions they will ask? Also does anyone have any tips on anything I could learn or do to help impress?
What's a UA position? You say FacOps for a DC, is that like a SFT position at the store level?
I'll ask some of our UA's tonight, we've got one who just came over from Warehousing a few weeks ago so he should remember some of the questions.
Not sure what UA stands for, but their responsible for general upkeep around the DC. Not janitorial, but more like changing ribbon on printers and minor trouble shooting.
UA stands for Utility Assistant, there the hardest working people in a DC!
They manage the parts cage, preform battery PM's answer all radio calls to determine if the problem needs a Mechanic. PM all the trailers a DC sends to the stores, respond to code brown calls, maintain all the printers, run trash,ect and of course projects. Most mechanics will tell you our UA's defiantly need to get a little more money!
Haha ok ok. I will be the first to say their job is very important, but the individual workload of a UA is nowhere near that of production crew. Our UAs even admit that. Most UAs are from production, and thats why they posted for FacOps. Easier workload.
at my DC we work the heck out of our UA's then again you flow a LOT more freight than us.

And Knownothing I don't know what a code Brown is in stores, I'm just glad there not my problem in a DC.
Super - good luck with the interview. The UA position is highly coveted as an escape from the numbers, numbers, numbers Warehouse Worker jobs. I don't know how it is at your building, but at my DC one generally has to start as a backup UA before getting the permanent UA job.
Yeah, sounds like the SFT workload storeside. Good luck!
after reviewing other posts that plus any biological spill, IE blood.

I never really thought about how safety codes might be different in DCs. Store safety codes are as follows:

Code Green - injury to guest or TM
Code Yellow - lost child
Code Red - fire

Bodily fluids are usually associated with Code Green injuries (if not, then it's just treated as a spill) and are always cleaned up by a HazMat-trained TM, TL, or LOD.

There are also unofficial codes, such as Code Black (bomb threat) and Code Brown (specifically refers to digestive by-products that "mysteriously" appear in places other than the toilet). These unofficial codes have become memes within Target stores.
Nothing yet. Thought my interview would be sooner, but wont even have interview until next week at earliest. Its ok though, gives me more time to get my name around
Just got word from HR my interview is next Thursday. I will let you guys know how it goes.
Well no greenshirt this time. Its ok though, competition was steep. The guy that got it has 6yrs seniority on me and more qualified. As I see it, one less to compete with next time. Thanks for the support from all of you.
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