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Jun 20, 2011
Let me start off with a tiny fact about me. I used to work in human resources before I got promoted to pfresh perishables assistant. I know that when people handed in forms requesting to use vacation and/or personal holiday hours, we were responsible for keying that into their paychecks.

However, with the forms being sent through max self service, my question is WHO is now responsible for making sure that the team members are actually getting their requested vacation/personal holiday hours in? I've submitted my hours three times since we rolled out with the new system, and every single time my paycheck gets screwed up. I've talked to my etl-hr but she's a newbie to the position. Please help! I'm tired of losing 50-100 dollars from my paycheck.
I know I can only use up to my average hours. That policy has been around for a while. But my question is who is in charge of payroll? HR team or headquarters like my ETL-HR says. Every time I put in my hours, it gets canceled and that money is taken OUT of my paycheck instead of being put in.
I havent worked in HR in over two years but when you submit Punch Corrections, Vacation Requests and the like, including paid time, your Team Leaders and ETL are supposed to get it and approve it. The HR team gets them as well (at some point) and have the ability to approve or decline them. Sounds like your HR department is a little chopped and screwed. Your ETL-HR is bonkers for telling you that HQ is in charge. This is a store level issue.
vacation/personal time is automatically sent to my attention as soon as it is submitted from Ehr, and I submit/approve them each Monday for payroll. It's also sent to my EYL-HR, and we both approve it.

It's really less confusing to understand what team members want on their paychecks now that we have Ehr.

Team members who are concerned about whether I approved their vacation pay usually stop by my desk on Mondays to be sure I saw it and approved it. You might want to ask to see your punches, and how many hours you will be getting paid for.

I hope this helps.
Thanks for all your help. I will ask to see my hours on Monday to make sure my hours were put in.
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