Fulfillment operations

Apr 30, 2020
Saw a couple target stores posted a fulfillment operations team leader job posted. Just wondering what this job is. It sounds similar to the food and beverage team leader job in the description.
Jun 11, 2011
We are high volume sfs and are getting the second tl. I’m guessing the sfs tl will work earlier. He currently comes in at 9am. I’m guessing he will move to 6 or 7. I’m guessing the second tl will work more of a mid, except weekends. Between 10am and noon.
im looking forward to this because currently there is no supervision half the day and the captains fight over who’s in charge.


Night Owl
Aug 7, 2019
We did $50 mil last year with about $6 mil in SFS and $3.5 mil in OPU/DU. We didn't start DU until May 2020. We are a six pack station store with a Fulfillment TL who only does Flex, they don't own any areas in GM. It would be nice to get a second TL to support as I know we can do more. One of our issues is OPU/DU dropping so that everyone gets thrown in to make goal times and then we end up with so much carryover. Almost 800 units last night.