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Mar 6, 2013
First post so sorry if some of my questions have been answered, I have looked through and didn’t see these answers so any advice you would have would be very helpful. I know I’m looking for greenshirt as he seems to be the expert with stuff regarding DC operations. I am just looking for ballpark answers if that helps.

Quick overview:
I am about to be done with school and looking to start a career with Target in the DC as a group leader and have never worked in the industry. I am going for an onsite interview in the Midwest region .

1) filling out my official application from my recruiter and asked about expected salary range, i don’t like this question cause I don’t wanna shoot for the sky but I also don’t want to put in a low expectation. So my question is what a realistic answer is for this on my application, again ballpark answer will work.

2) I understand that the group leader work on different keys. My question with this is that as a potential new hire what key I will most likely be working on and how often/ stable does the key you work on change?

3) If extended an offer does target offer signing on bonus or help with relocation cost?

4) Just general advice for my upcoming DC onsite interview.

In advance thank you for your help with my questions!
Oct 31, 2011
Hi newguy:

I know the typical GL will start in the mid 50k to 60k a year range.

The key and possition you would receive depends on the needs of Target, in other words where ever they have an active opening.

As far as I know there is no signing bonus, however Target will provide relocation costs once you are employed. This means say you start working at Kalamazoo and then after a year or two you decide you want to fill a position at 555 they'll pay, I do not know if they cover costs for new hires.

I really don't know much about the onsite interview process but at last count there were 3-4 GL's with accounts here. I'd recommend private messaging users RG3, Enswitser, or sweedey
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