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Good newsss!!!

Dec 22, 2011
A short while ago I did an interview with Target and was offered a position. I did the drug test and was honestly not worried at all because I don't do drugs. Well I somehow failed the test and ended up having to dispute the results.
Four days ago I called and made the claim, today I called and found out I was cleared! Yayyyyyyyyy!!!

I've been unemployed since January after moving to a new city, I'm so excited!!! I used to work at Target back home so I really wanted this job because I already know I'm good at it and I know how to do it and it's a new store where they're hiring new employee's so with my experience I'll automatically have somewhat of an upperhand (I want to move up through the Target corp eventually). I'm very excited!!!

The tread where I failed =[:


Former Front-End Guru
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Jun 12, 2011
Patience is a virtue! Congrats!