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Oct 14, 2011
Well, I had my last day yesterday.

It was pretty interesting and eye opening.

I got a card from several TMs telling me they were glad to have worked with me. I had two TMs basically tell me they never actually liked me and were glad I was gone. (even though for the past two years they acted like they did)

Every TM in the store was basically treating me like I was "one of the guys" so to speak. Basically it was like I was a TM again. No one really gave a damn what they said around me anymore, and pretty much told me their true feelings of Target, ETLs, etc. (I guess they never realized I agreed with them all along lol) No TMs cared if they were blatantly slacking off around me, not that I cared anymore anyway lol.

The biggest slap in the face, however, was that only one ETL actually said goodbye to me. I am glad he didn't let me down, because he was the only ETL in the building I ever felt was a real "leader", and he proved it by acting like one towards me on my last day. Every other ETL avoided me like the plague. They weren't hiding the fact they thought I wasn't even worth their time, either. Two ETLs and the STL were doing a walk around hardlines. They were walking towards the boat, suddenly saw me there, and immediately turned around and walked the other way. Talk about a slap in the face.

The worst part of it? One of the ETLs with her that pulled that little stunt is a 24 year old ETL who pulled me in to a closet a two years and broke down in tears. Basically she was about to lose her job, and I won't go in to the details here, but I managed to pull her ass out of the fire. Basically, she was already on corrective action and screwed up bad. It would have been her last S and would have been termed for sure. I lied for her and said that I was the one that did it, and I was put on final warning for a year. If I hadn't, she for sure would have been termed. Glad she appreciated what I did for her enough to pretend I didn't exist on my last day. Honestly, I knew at the time she was rotten at the core and I should have just said "too bad" and done nothing to help her. Oh well. I felt bad for her at the time. No good deed goes unpunished I guess.

Well, I am going out for training with my new boss tomorrow. Trading in the red and khaki for some cool sony attire. I have no regrets, and honestly I have a feeling this will have been one of the best moves of my life.
Good for you! So proud of you going out with your head held high. It's eye opening to see your co-workers in a different light, and I am sure you learned a great deal at spot. Not like I can make any difference, but sorry for those ETL's who were too immature to acknowledge your contribution. Especially the one you went to bat for - sorry.

Let us know how life is on the other side.
You went out with class. That's all that matters.
I'm sure the 2 a$$-wipes who are glad you're gone will regret it when they don't have anyone to blame their next failures on. Likewise with the ETL you covered for. You can be sure they'll try to blame you for mistakes long after you're gone. Those who worked with you will know better, tho, & that's what truly counts.
Did you feel that huge weight slip off your shoulders as you walked out the door?
Karma is an amazing thing.
The wheel will be coming back around for her I'm sure about that.
Don't feel too bad.
I talked to the former TL for Plano the other day and she said that the ETL's won't even look at her when she comes into the store to shop.
This from people she worked with for years and years.
"Did you feel that huge weight slip off your shoulders as you walked out the door? "

Yes absolutely.

Honestly I probably spent about 10% of my day "touring" the store. Basically remembering certain moments at certain places that happened. Even looking at my aisle and thinking "damn, I remember that cool end cap that was here years ago". Pretty sad I know, but I've been in the building more than I've been in my house the past few years.

One of my former specialists walked me up front and out the door. We had some pretty great times when it was me and my two specialists back in electronics before target ruined that too.

When I got out to the parking lot I just turned and looked at the building for about 3 minutes. Then got in my car and left. At least with my new job I'll see people occasionally. Though with the turnover rate at my store a year from now I probably won't recognize anyone anyway.
You left with class and under your own terms,they are the two things we should all aim for.
You left with class and under your own terms,they are the two things we should all aim for.

I wish I could do it. But I don't have much class or job possibilities, so my options don't look as promising.

I have outlasted just about all of the anal ETLs/STLs/DTLs that I have had the "pleasure" of working with over the past twelve years. Virtually all of them were fired or on the verge of it before they "got out." These ETLs that treated you badly will get "theirs" soon. They probably are getting nervous because of the ridiculous demoting of all of your fellow TL's and the aftermath that it is causing. Now they have a store full of new TL's with very little upper managment leadership. Just sit back and watch your old store vaporize!
that was a damn good thing you did lying for someone else. You'll be repayed in karma sometime down the road for that. And that sounds like a good thing that you didn't have to talk to any ETL's any more than was necessary on your last day.
Heck, if that's all it took to keep ETLs out of my path, I'd say EVERY day is my last!
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