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Apr 6, 2012
After four years of my love hate/relationship with Spot, i finally bid adue. What it thought would be a under a year stint working retail, started me off being chained to the bailer during flow process during E/M, then pushing when the store went O/N, then to light duty for O/N, then the solo bulk guy for O/N eventually E/M again, Then to being the stores mon-fri 9-5 space manager for a month till my most recent promotion to temp receiver 3 weeks ago while our main receiver is out on medical.

Ive been in the process of securing a job in the nearby major city inside of a union as an apprentice. Yesterday i was given a position with a company. I called my ETL-LOG this morning and informed him of my two week notice. Tomorrow morning i will go in to HR and fill out any paperwork i need to

Yes, i know what half of you are going to say "its a union dont do it" "unions are bad" you can thank your spot brainwashing for that.

I stand in Salute to all that stay on the warpath but Ive been offered shinier metals to march for another army, one where i can make meaningful advancement.

i have one question though: I have roughly 40 hours vacation,11 PH and 30 sick, Will those be paid out to me on my last check which would be on 1/3, seeing as my last day will be the 20th of this month?


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Jun 10, 2011
Good luck and don't be a stranger.

Let us know how things are going.
Jul 20, 2012
If you aren't scheduled for 40 hours each your last two weeks, fill in your hours using personal and vacation time. Unused vacation time is payed out, but at a higher tax rate. You just lose your sick time.


lol at the union brainwashing thing. I think everyone knows orientation videos are b.s. I don't think many people drink the kool-aid.
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